10 Ways To Level Up Your LinkedIn Marketing Game

10 Ways To Level Up Your LinkedIn Marketing Game

With millions of users, LinkedIn has become an engaging social media platform where users can interact, connect and boost their professional profiles. It serves as a powerful social media platform for engaging in business-to-business marketing. LinkedIn marketing offers you a great opportunity to expand your networking cycle and improve brand awareness among a vast audience.

If you’re interested to use LinkedIn marketing for your business, here are some of the tips you can follow.

  1. Use popular hashtags

Are you using hashtags on Linked In? If not, you might want to consider using it. Hashtags allow you to reach a wider audience and can also help users to find specific content on a specific topic. But, remember since LinkedIn is a professional platform, keep the hashtags work appropriate. Try to add some location-based hashtags as well so that they can be directed at particular geography.


  1. Use sponsored updates

LinkedIn has an advertising solution called sponsored updates that allows brands to promote their posts from their LinkedIn company page to the news feeds of the audience. They are similar to the regular updates but with a ‘Sponsored’ label on them. Sponsored updates will help you to attract new followers and reach out to the right audience with its available target options.

  1. Post high-quality content

Posting quality content on LinkedIn is unquestionably the best way to boost your visibility on LinkedIn. Make sure your content is highly targeted and relevant to your audience. Make sure it offers value to your niche and renders solutions to their problems.

  1. Optimize your profile

Optimizing your profile is the most basic and crucial part that will increase the chances of you getting noticed by your desired audiences. You can start by using a high-quality profile picture, while company profiles can use a brand logo.

  1. Create LinkedIn ad campaigns

You can also make use of the LinkedIn paid marketing tool that can help you with building leads, sharing content, and building online recognition. LinkedIn ad campaigns can be used for various uses like promoting job recruitment ads, services, and product sales. In comparison to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn ads are quite expensive, but it allows you to narrow down your target search and it is definitely worth the investment.


  1. Live stream with LinkedIn live

LinkedIn Live is the latest feature that allows you to connect with the communities in real-time. Through Live streaming, you can host special virtual events, bring industry experts for guest interviews, and showcase product demos

  1. Reach out to influencers and industry leaders

Since influencer marketing has become a major force in the social media world, getting connected with LinkedIn influencers can help provide a voice and face to your brand and influence the community. LinkedIn is a great platform to discuss industry trends, so the more impactful the influencer’s content the more impact it’ll have on the niche audience

  1. Create Linked In groups

There has been a steady increase in the usage of LinkedIn to build more professional networks and increase industry knowledge. If you are thinking about whether LinkedIn groups help build more connections, let me tell you LinkedIn groups have powerful community management features that can stimulate discussions and participation with other professionals.

  1. Be analytical with Linked In analytics

Measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns is an important job and LinkedIn analytics can be of great help. It helps to understand your audience and measure the engagement on your posts and track your ad campaign performances as well.

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  1. Avoid hard selling

Over the years, sales have changed and you need new techniques to reach your potential audiences; spamming is not an option anymore. LinkedIn is not a platform for hard selling; and the users on this platform don’t prefer to be interrupted. So, it’s important for your brand to be discovered rather than continuously popping up on the user’s page.

Wrapping Up

Hope these tips will help elevate your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Just make sure you connect to the right audience and try to implement the tips shared above.

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