16 SEO Trends In 2021

16 SEO Trends In 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the essential component of digital marketing. It is a factor that determines the effectiveness of your website, making it search-friendly with a good ranking.

Let’s have a look at some of the latest SEO trends in 2021 which you can use to improve your online presence.

  • Mobile Search

Mobile search optimization ensures that your website is accessible to the visitors who are using mobile phones. Since, most of the users are using mobile phones, make sure your site is mobile friendly. In fact, 58% of all searches in Google are now done from a mobile device.

Optimizing mobile searches differs slightly from desktop searches as they are influenced by additional factors like page organization, user location, screen size, crawling, indexing etc. Therefore, Mobile SEO needs a responsive web design in order to focus more on website access speed, content visibility, easier navigation.

However, the website should have the same URLs and HTML, but the images should be used in such a way that it fits the screen size of the end users.

  • Voice SEO

In our digital world, people wants an easier path to do any task. When people can get an answer by just speaking out the query, they would surely pick up the option to do so.

The voice search concept was started with smart phones, but gradually it switched to speakers and voice assistants.
Most of the common voice searches are used for navigation, mostly the local businesses use it to manage their online presence on Google search and Maps.

Another reason for the popularity of voice search is that they are apt for mobile use. According to BrightLocal, 56% of all voice searches are made on a smartphone.

Their use on smartphones paved a way for search assistants and other smart speakers. Therefore, it can be said that voice searches on mobile have outnumbered the other devices.

  • Google My Business

Most of you might ask, Can Google my business boost my content and SEO?
The answer is Yes, definitely. The reason being, it is more localized and it can really help you to share locally focused content

A data from a 2019 BrightLocal study  of 45,000 anonymous local business listings, shows there is a great opportunity to get more views, clicks, and actions as a result of your localized content.

With the help of Google My Business, you can list your business location on Google Maps and local search results. You can add contact details or links that can lead to your website. This will, however help your targeted or potential audiences to search for your business in a much better way.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI has become one of the most popular SEO trends and it has completely changed search. It has made it easier for getting custom search results based on the past behaviors, locations and many other factors.

Your search engine now knows what you want and this has brought great changes in the SEO as well.
Taking advantage of this factor, you can identify opportunities and create content that your audience are interested in. AI also provides on-page optimizations so that you can accomplish your organizational goals.

The shift toward Artificial Intelligence for search optimization is driving significant optimization opportunities, so make use of it and you’ll see great results

  • Keyword Research

Keywords are any words or phrase that users type in the search engine to find out the desired information from the internet. It helps people to achieve organic results which will further drive in more traffic to the website.

But for this to happen, you’ll have to go that extra mile and research for the right keywords that can grab you more website visitors. The right keyword research can help you plan your content strategy and this will result in ranking better in the search engine.

Latest SEO Trends

  • Mobile-Friendliness

With the increased use of smartphones these days, it becomes important for a website to not only be desktop-friendly but mobile friendly as well. This brings us to another important SEO trend.

Mobile friendliness is how well your website is designed and optimized to load on a mobile device such as a smartphone and tablet. To achieve mobile friendliness, you can:

I. Use a responsive web design that is suitable for mobile devices

II. Create a separate website that is optimized for mobile devices and redirect the mobile users to that site

  • Local Search

Among the other SEO trends, local search is also one of the important element for your business. Local search marketing has mostly helped the small business owners as it is all about placing your business on the map in the local searches. It makes your business look more authentic and easier for the customers to make a search.

You can say it is a form of search engine optimization that helps local business to show up in the local searches. In order to build your local search presence, you need to optimize your information so that the consumers can easily find you and your business.

So, take this opportunity and tell the search engine everything your customer want to know

  • Buyer-Centric Content

As a marketer, you plan a content strategy that includes content your target audience love to consume. However, your content decisions shouldn’t end here. You should now start thinking about creating content for the other stages of your consumer’s journey.

Remember, the purpose of your content marketing strategy should funnel down the other topics that your consumers might want to know. This will help you to convert future potential consumers into your targeted consumers.

Its time to bring your customer’s experience and lifecycle into content marketing.

Latest SEO Trends

  •  Original Content

We’ve been talking about content strategy, content planning and other related terms but, ‘What type of content will actually bring you traffic?’

According to HubSpot, the three most engaging content types on social media are articles, images, and video. The type of content you use depends on your organization’s unique nature and the interests of your target audience.

In content marketing, original content is of utmost importance. It means you need to think about content that has not been published before. In the digital world, the search engine algorithms value quality content. With the right content and proper planning and strategy, you can generate more leads to your business

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  • Video Marketing

Video marketing is also one of the SEO trends that has been taking over the online world. It is a great strategy that will help your website outrank the the other online competitors.

It benefits the SEO and influences your ranking in the search engine. The key to using video as a part of your SEO strategy means to invest time in making high quality video content that will attract your audience.

  • Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are small content which is available at the top of Google SERP. It acts like a quick resource that pops up before the user actually types a query.

These snippets need to be short and quick and these are usually pulled from a webpage found in its index.

Featured snippets are important for your SEO because:

I. It improves the click-through-rate

II. Increases credibility

III. Indicates the efficacy of your content

  • Influencer SEO

Influencer marketing has recently become the latest trend in SEO and can help boost your SEO efforts.
Working with influencers can give you an opportunity to generate backlink that can improve your website. The influencers can create content and link to you and this in turn give you high quality backlinks for your website.

Your influencers can also encourage your target audience to create content with hashtags which can lead to higher level of awareness about your website and your brand.

  • E.A.T concept

E.A.T. stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust that was created by Google for representing the measurement of a business. Google uses these metrics to check , authoritativeness or trustworthiness of a website.

Talking about measurable metrics, E.A.T. is not actually a Google ranking factor but there are other signals that determines determine expertise, authority, and trust which are ranking factors.

According to a website; In February 2019, Google released a white paper, “How Google Fights Disinformation”, that states the importance of E-A-T in it’s rankings. Furthermore, Google references “E-A-T” 137 times in the current version of its Search Quality Rater Guidelines. So, clearly it’s an important concept.

  • Structured data

Structured data is a standardized format to mark up the information about the web page on search engines like Google, Bing and others to better understand the web page.

The different ways to mark up the structured data on your page are:

  1. JSON-LD: Recommended to be used in the page header
  2. RDFa: Used to highlight values on a page within typeof and property HTML attributes.
  3. Microdata: highlights items and values on a page within itemtype and itemprop HTML attributes.

digital marketing strategies

  •  Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals are also an important element that helps improve your SEO. It is a set of factors that Google considers important in a webpage’s overall user experience, so it forms the latest SEO trends of 2021.

This can include:


II. Mobile-friendliness

III. Lack of interstitial pop ups

IV. Safe-browsing

  •  Image Optimization

Your content strategy is no longer just about texts and words, but a mixture of valuable images as well. Images also play an important role to make your content more accessible and engaging to your targeted audience.

Therefore, image optimization wins the spot in the latest SEO trends in 2021. For optimizing the images, you need to create and deliver high quality images in an appropriate format, size and resolution.

You also need to accurately label the images for the search engine crawlers to understand the page context and be able to provide them to your consumers.

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the SEO trends of 2021. As a digital marketer and planning out strategies, keep these trends in mind that can go a long way for accomplishing your business goals.

SEO is one of online marketing channels, which if set up correctly can give you amazing results. So, plan your content wisely and rank for the right keywords and you’ll drive in more traffic and achieve your desired goals.

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