Are Facebook Ads Still Worth In 2021?

Are Facebook Ads Still Worth In 2021?


The flood of happy pictures and social media connections made Facebook a platform where you can easily ask, “What Facebook can’t do?” The evolution of Facebook has made it a perfect marketing platform from just a chat-sharing media. Standing in an era, where the offline world doesn’t exist for the new generation, Facebook is the biggest market to get customers and viewers as the target audience. Moreover, whatever you are searching for, liking even outside of Facebook. Google is watching each and every one of your digital steps. So, whenever your digital device is connected to the internet, nothing is confidential and your digital footsteps are creating more profits for the marketers. In the case of Facebook, they only show the ads of the products you have previously visited on some other webpage and that’s how the ads work.

How Much Facebook Ads Actually Cost?

For digging deep in the cost per ad, you need to know more about the cost-effectiveness of Facebook ads. The value of Facebook ads increases and decreases upon its worthiness of generating leads impression on users, lead conversion and reach. Every year is divided into four quarters and consists of three months each. Facebook analyzes its performance on basis of its quarterly graphs. Depending on the graph figure, the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) goes up and down. For instance, the CPC of Facebook ads is $0.65 and you have to pay this amount to Facebook when your visitor is clicking on your ad. So, when you are investing in ads, make a strong strategy where to invest and where not to. Always be accurate in calculating ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spend) to make your investment worth it.

Are Facebook Ads Still Worth It In 2021?       

If the question rises about the worthiness of Facebook ads, then the obvious answer is always ‘Yes.’ But if your investment is too big and you are trying to generate tons of money, you can run a test between Facebook ads and Google ads. Google ads are pretty higher in CPC but they offer better business returns most of the time. For Facebook, the figure is like this:

CPC for B2C costs $0.95 which can generate $36 per conversion

CPC for B2B costs $3 which can generate $300 on every conversion

So, it’s upon you how you are investing your money and how many conversions you are expecting.

What’s The Next Polishing That Works In Facebook Marketing And Ads?

Polishing and making the promotion system smoother and easier for the investors are the responsibility of the platform managers. All we can do is to predict the long-lasting effect of successful Facebook ads with an ample number of investors.

Covid-19 Impact

The coronavirus pandemic has made people homesick, and the recent report of Forbes published that people are spending 30% more time on social media than in the pre-pandemic era. Most of their time is on Facebook rather than other social media. So, Facebook ads are still holding the best social media advertising tool crown for generating customers.

The Certain Growth Of E-Commerce Businesses

The customers of E-commerce have grown almost double in lockdown. When the physical meets are dreadful, virtual shops have kept people on track. These e-commercebusinesses are also partially dependent on Facebook ads and the affiliate marketers community of Facebook. For instance, there’s no chance of questioning its worth.

Facebook Accepts Versatile Mode Of Marketing

As Facebook accepts a large number of modes for marketing, and eventually Facebook may start these marketing modes as the Facebook ads. From podcast marketing to video promotion – Facebook is a hub of opportunities. So, for the upcoming years, it’s very possible to see them grow in an exponential way.

Facebook Ad Costs May Vary

As most people spending more and more time on social media, so it’s very possible that Facebook can increase its CPC based on the demands of the ads.From the advent of the pandemic, social media usage is on top and with the corrected CPC, the cost graph is increasing in a curve line. So, for the upcoming years, the predicted CPC will reach double if the user remains the same or a bit growing.

People’s Opinions Will Collaborate With The Marketing Industry

The more the controversy rises, the more viewers you will get. The trend has already started, and it’s on the way to grab the market. In the trend of regular posts and updates, no one keeps an eye on your status if it’s not catchy enough. You can post something controversial and get a lot of viewers. The marketers are investing in you, because you are generating more business and Facebook ads are spreading like fire on the wall of the people who like and view your post. These are the ways of creating easy business.

Facebook Ads Generates More Money Rather Than Other Social Media

If we are analyzing the rivals YouTube ads are the strong competitor of Facebook. But later on, this year, Facebook has generated more business than YouTube did last year and the number is on-going. So, if it’s a matter of worth, then Facebook ads are always worth investing in other social media where you can earn certain profits. In the upcoming years, marketers and investors won’t leave a chance to make this much earning unless Google lowers the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) rate and gives a better return on investment for the common folk.


Facebook is the easiest and cheapest medium for all businesses. From the regular home-based business to the billion-dollar business industry, everyone is busy packing their own profit with regular and active Facebook users. From the saturated market, Facebook ads keep the investors diverse and they mostly make much more than they invest. But for the new investors, it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate the profitable clicks and dull clicks. Apart from that, the platform Facebook offers in an affordable CPC, it is going to stay for a while unless some big marketing tool is engulfing the industry.

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