Joham Clothing Case Study | Online Clothing Store

Joham Clothing Case Study | Online Clothing Store

Joham Clothing

The client is an online T-Shirt store selling custom tribal T-Shirts inspired by the culture of Northeast India. Their key sales channel is their website.


They were looking to break in the online apparel market.

Marketing Wire was tasked with the challenge of introducing them to the online market, upgrading and optimizing the website, and growing their customer base.

Our Approach
  1. Leveraged social media channels (Instagram & Facebook) for initial brand building and focused on getting user generated content.
  2. Used Influencer Marketing to further increase reach.
  3. Redesigned the website to suit the huge mobile based online shoppers for the Indian market, improved the UI experience and product messaging for increasing the overall conversion rate.

Joham Clothing Case study


Marketing Wire helped the company create a strategic content strategy to drive traffic and increase conversion via social media platforms.

A mix of social media ads and influencer marketing increased the sales by 300%.

ROI of more than 1,000% from Social media ads.

Also, through conversion optimization on the website as well as a content and SEO strategy, We were able to support our client in their effort to break into the online apparel market.

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