The Hurdles In Influencer Marketing

The Hurdles In Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing, the name defines it so right, with time its influence is growing magnificently. According to statistics, around 80% of marketers find it right to work with an influencer for their promotions.

Marketers have claimed that the return on investment is higher in influencer marketing than in other ways of advertisement. And the quality of traffic brands get with the help of an influencer is also better than other channels.

But, influencer marketing is not a bed of roses, marketers pass certain hurdles from the beginning to the entire process. And put a lot of effort into making any campaign successful.

challenges in influencer marketing

Let’s understand The Speed Breakers Of A Campaign

Challenge 1

The One With Fake Followers

Social media has today become a new medium to earn fame, money, reputation, but provided one must have that much social recognition. And on the digital platform, the one who has followers is visible and is always reached by the big brands for partnership.

And to achieve this purpose many times, people use unethical ways to increase their fake followers. Technology is both a boon and a bane. The major issue that marketers face is spotting fake followers and their engagement.


The Change In Algorithms

Technology is always associated with upgrading, which sometimes becomes a hurdle for marketers.

Social platform like Instagram keep on making changes in their way of working, coming with new features, so sometimes it becomes difficult to cope with those. Because if a marketer does not adapt to the newness, their content, reachability, visibility will suffer to a great extent.


Rising Cost

Influencer marketing is at its peak today, and every field is witnessing the surge of influencers because of its impact on the target audience. The growing popularity has lead to an increase in the price of every influencer in the market.

According to records, 38% of marketers have shown their concern because of the rising cost of influencers.

Challenge 4

The Reputation

Influencer marketing is known for creating brand awareness, that is why it is important for brands to make sure that brand alignment and safety are done at the utmost. The biggest hurdle is that if an influencer’s reputation wavers, it will affect the brand too.

For example, before giving any particular campaign to an influencer, it has always been checked prior that there is no scandal or criminal activities associated with the influencer because that will hamper the goal of the company. According to records, only 28% of marketers face this hurdle.

Challenge 5

FTC Goals Aligned With Brand Goals

The Federal Trade Commission is responsible for protecting the interest and creating transparency for the consumers. But often changes in FTC GOALS, make it a challenge for marketers as they are bound to make changes in their running campaign according to the new FTC guidelines.


The Emergence Of New Channels

Every marketer is well-aware and uses the existing channels of digital marketing like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube. And all these platforms are very competitive but keep on upgrading their features. The marketers already cope with that, then suddenly the emergence of a new challenge is a big task. One such emergence of the channel is twitch.

Challenge 7

Time Is Money

An influencer campaign requires time for ideation, roles, expectations. Around 30% of marketers face the issue of time constraints. Devoting time to each element takes a toll on the brand’s precious time. Because so much has to be done with a little period. Every campaign has a deadline to finish, to get launched, and with utmost efficiency.

Challenge 8

The New Content

People spend their precious time visiting an influencer’s profile. So it is mandated for a brand to pop with new strategies and ideas every time so that people continue sparing their time. Every user wants more fun, engaging, value-creating content rather than the monotonous one.

Another hurdle is to build a strong creative strategy combining the right concept, copywriting, art, graphics, editing, videographers, and so on to fulfill the brand advertising strategy.

Creating New Strategy Regularly Is a Tough Call.

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challenges in influencer marketing

The Final Word

These hurdles don’t have an end, they keep on arising time and again. Marketers need to be on their toes all the time.

Any marketer who is running a successful campaign has crossed these hurdles efficiently, giving maximum productivity to the goal of the company. Influencer marketing has proved that roadblocks pave the roads better.

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