Color Psychology: Role And Importance In Digital Marketing

Color Psychology: Role And Importance In Digital Marketing

We are surrounded by colors. Wherever you go, whatever you do, colors are all around you, every moment of the day. But, do you ever pause and think how these colors are having an impact on you?

In the ocean of digital marketing techniques, colors can help you stand out. It is important for brands to choose the correct color palette so that they can easily decide what they want their audience to see and feel. In this blog, you will understand why color psychology is important for your marketing strategy. Before coming to the main topic of discussion, let us see what we actually mean by color psychology.

What Is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the study of colors and how it impacts human perception and behavior. It is an important field of study, and it mostly aims to determine how color affects the buyer’s purchase decision.

Colors can be used as a powerful tool if you know exactly how to use them for your business. For instance, when you think about branding elements like logo and business cards, you need to make an appropriate color choice. This will help in better online communication and for creating marketing materials such as your websites, social media, and presentations to name a few.

Color Psychology In Marketing: How Colors Can Boost Your Sales

In this section, we will discuss how different brands are using different colors, not only in their logos but also across their websites, social media pages, menu bars, videos, and so on.


Red is one of the classic colors and is associated with energy, passion and love. One of the most used colors; it is strategically used in marketing to call immediate action. Studies have also found out that the color red stimulates your appetite. So, most of the fast food chains like KFC use this color to attract their customers.


Green is usually linked with nature, health, freshness to name a few. This particular color is even thought of being the easiest colors to perceive by the eyes, thereby bringing a soothing influence. Brands like Dabur India mostly use green because they deal with natural products; so this color definitely complements their brand.


Yellow is the color of positivity and happiness. It is a youthful color, and you can see brands who usually want to attract young and energetic people use this color. Lays India is one such example which uses yellow color in their marketing campaigns as it can grab the attention of its target audience easily.



Since blue is a serene and calming color, it also represents responsibility. This is the reason why brands like IBM and Dell use this color. Also, many social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype etc. use this color. Blue portrays trust and dependability, so you’ll find most of the businesses use shades of blue.


Black symbolizes power and control. So, you’ll mostly see luxury brands and technology companies using this color. It also represents sophistication and so powerful brands utilize this color in order to look more exclusive to the customers.


As a marketer, you need to take all kinds of marketing approaches that can drive more sales. However, choosing a color for your brand should be of utmost importance while you are planning to design a website or any other kinds of digital marketing approach.

Now that you have a basic knowledge about color psychology, go ahead and use it in your marketing campaign.

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