Ways To Grow Your E-mail Marketing List

Ways To Grow Your E-mail Marketing List

Haven’t we all received emails from companies like Swiggy, Uber Lifestyle, Jio, or Byjus?

And these mails contain information regarding new products, offers, discounts and a lot more.

Companies don’t randomly stuff your inbox with these emails, they have a proper well-defined email strategy behind it.

Choosing The Path Of Email Marketing

Every company is channelizing their energies and resources towards email marketing because:

According to statistics, email marketing gives a 42 % return on investment, which is more than any other marketing tools or practices.

Approximately, 80% of small and mid-size businesses use email marketing to generate new leads.
According to statistics, approximately 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2019 and the number is likely to shoot up to 347.3 in 2022.

49% of consumers have admitted that they welcome promotional emails from the brands.
Nearly 9 out of 10 marketers prefer the practice of email marketing for the success of their campaigns.


But for making any email marketing successful, it is important to create email lists of the brand’s prospects to whom they want to send these emails. This article includes ways to an effective email marketing list.

Lead Magnets

These are the incentives which are given to the consumer to get their email information. Brands have to create something which makes the audience give them the information. It can be in the form of cheat sheets, templates, toolkit, guide, and many more.

Consumers will only use this content if their activities provide the solution to their problems and prove worth their time.


In today’s world, people are aware of everything possible. And they like to give reviews about their experience of using the product or service on a social media platform or on the brand’s website. Sometimes consumers often put their suggestions on the chat-box when asked about the brand. All these practices can only be done by entering their mail ids. And this is how companies can make an email list of their prospects.

Polls And Quizzes

This is an interesting way of getting engagement from your target audience. Many companies on social media platforms use this to understand their consumer’s thought process and opinion regarding the brand. The company can mention that results of the quiz would come out on their mail id. This is yet another way of getting their contact details.

Discounts And Offers

Brands use this tactic when there is a certain kind of difficulty in sales conversion or users visit the brand’s website or profile and not complete the action of conversion.
All the company needs to do is put a condition that discount or offers would be availed only when they fill in certain details which would include mail id’s too.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty goes a long way in building the brand reputation.
Loyalty programs are designed to give rewards to customers who have been with the brand for a long time and they brought new referrals for the company. Programme can include making a purchase or following on social media platforms. And whenever a customer signs for that program, they will have to mention their details.

Podcasts And Video Conferencing

A lot of marketers use this to engage the customer with the brands with the purpose to build a long-term relationship. Tactics like webinars, video conferencing require filling in the contact details. People will only join the webinars if they include some relevant topics that add value to them.


To Sum It Up

Email Marketing is a powerful weapon for every business in order to build a relationship with the global market. Moreover, it is an easily implemented tactic if backed up by a great strategy.

These are tried and tested tools that have proved useful for building a strong email list.

Go on, include them in your marketing strategy!


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