How Social Media Has Changed The Face Of Influential Marketing

How Social Media Has Changed The Face Of Influential Marketing

In the world of radio, television, hoarding, newspapers brochures, tradeshows, coupon books, and referrals. Social media is the new norm of advertising. Technology and the wave of social media can sweep off the floor, giving humongous opportunities to business people to use the medium for their products and services.

Evolution of social media

Social media has evolved in huge forms. According to history, it initiated during 1960 when netizens started using dating apps, six degrees, Friendster was the oldest form of social media

Then another yet biggest wave of social media started between 1992 to 2002, which gave businesses a new marketing tool for creating the right picture in the consumer’s mind and make it a selling point.
People started using google, yahoo, and MSN search engines to make an online presence of their websites and promoting their brands.

social media

IN 2003 -2004 BIGGEST evolution happened, Facebook, LinkedIn came into the picture, which became one hotspot for social media for every age bracket, marketing saw a positive response and created the profile websites of their companies.

And today one such marketing strategy is Influencer marketing.

A road to influencer marketing has come a long way. In last few years it has surged to next level. Every brand has understood this hot new strategy and uses it to expand their brand reach, brand base and boost sales.
According to google, 93% of marketers have taken the road of influential marketing for widespread awareness and usage. , this percentage is ought to touch the sky in coming years.

The road to influential marketing

Influential is not a new strategy that came up in a year or two and made its way. This tool was longer than many can recall. In the time of print media, ads, magazines radio-television people completely relied on the watch they saw. It highly intimated their choice of purchasing.

Influential marketing

Phases and journey of influential making

  • Phase 1

It started in the 18th century when Josiah Wedgwood British potter maker got the status of Queen Charlotte in 1765 for his cream-colored artwork. She was the most influential person back there, whose status was used by him to promote his product back then.

  • Phase 2

This phase started when brands started using fictional characters, to surge the demand of their sales. A character that brings the consumer closer to the brand. One such example of a fictional character was of coca cola’s Santa Claus in 1932, which represented cheer.

  • Phase 3

Celebrity endorsements

After the phase of fictional characters, brands started using influential celebrities for their products and services. The reason companies picked up this because of the fame associated with the celeb and how easily one gets intimated by the choices of their favorite celebrity artist. The brands like Nike and Pepsi used this tool in return for their publicity

  • Phase 4

Television and reality

Because of highly intimidation by a favorite celeb, one wants to see what happens in their life and what kind of life do they live. That was yet another influential marketing

  • Phase 5

Influential marketing and social media

Every person has access to social media account be it a celebrity or common man. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter snap chat, and YouTube where celeb share the day-to-day activities of their life. And people are intrigued to know what is happening. Films stars, television, and reality shows even bloggers have a huge fan base which makes it possible to influence the demand of the audience. They use the brand and update it on their profile hence giving large visibility to the product and service.
Some regulars also use a product and give honest reviews and feedback about the product which can influence and are called influentials.

The Changing Face Of Influential Marketing

Today the influential marketing is at its peak. Digital communities rule the world of business and their top preference are influential.

According to google:

  • 92% of consumers use their products used by celebrities, relatives, and friends
  •  For purchasing the product, the audience read through the reviews, use social media to discover products, and make purchasing decisions
  • 70% of teens, trust influencers more than traditional ways of marketing
  • Influencer marketing earns 11*ROI from a standard digital marketing campaign.

According to Forbes, as compared to digital ads social media marketing is increasingly widespread.

According to global Webex records, 40% of internet users block and skip the ads, which is a large chunk of people who don’t even the ads, they get to know about the content on social media through their influential.

How Social Media Influencers Became Successful

Influential marketing

  • Building trust

Influencers build trust with their fans, a connection because of their work which makes them respect their content and recommendations and soon they start sharing their content and choices.

  • Brand awareness

Influential marketing helps in increasing brand awareness because of the large visibility of the content and sharing of the same content by fans creates brand awareness. Influencers upload the content on every platform of theirs

  • Target audience

Social media helps me to reach the right audience, and eliminating the fund investment on finding the right audience, the influencer has already fostered the audience.


Influential marketing is the future and will be one of the most used strategies. More and opportunities and a more influential network will lead the brand to touch the sky.

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