Facebook has become the mammoth of social media marketing and every person and business is in the continuous push for selling their content to over 2.4 billion Facebook users. So the question comes back to you, how are you using Facebook to market your event and reach a wider audience?

If you’re not very familiar with Facebook pages and event creation and need some quick tips on how to create an event on Facebook, here’s a step by step guide for you.

How to create an event on Facebook from your page

1. While on your business page, choose the “events” tab from the left-hand sidebar.

2. Click on any of the two “Create Event” buttons you’ll see.

Create event button

3. Facebook then shows you the event creation page with information on the event. Now you just need to add the design/visual and fill in the details.

4. Add the event name, location & description.

How to create an event on facebook Marketing Wire event page

5. Use the dropdown menu option to select the category for your event.

6. Once you’ve selected your category, next you would need to choose the frequency of your event. This simply means if the event happens once or it’s an ongoing event. You can event select custom dates for your event from this tab.

If you choose daily, you can select the parameters with the date and timing of your event. if you choose weekly, you can select the day of the week when the event takes place.

Once you choose your frequency add the timing and you’re a step closer.

7.  On completion of the above fields, you can next add a co-host for the event. Co-host are other people/pages involved in the event. If you select them as a co-host, the event will also be visible on their event tab.

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8. Next add the keywords (word related to your event which will help people find your event). Finally decide on the permission you are giving to your audience. Whether they can post directly or they’ll need permission to post on the event.

That’s it. Hit publish and your event is all set.

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