How To Effectively Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

How To Effectively Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

A social media manager’s role can be exhausting since the role involves juggling multiple accounts across multiple platforms for creating multiple posts. It’s all about how you integrate your efforts and make use of most of the platforms efficiently. According to Social Media Today, social media managers have gotten a bad rep for having an easy job. However, if you are a Social media manager, you can understand the struggles that go behind the planning, creation, and monitoring of different accounts along with engaging with the followers in each platform.

There are many reasons why your business might need multiple social media accounts. Having multiple social media accounts will help boost the reach and visibility. It also helps to improve conversions and offers a platform to engage with your target audience.

‘They are the key to expanding your business and get hold of new customers’


If you are serious about digital marketing, you need to incorporate social media marketing into your strategies. In this post, you can pick up some tips and tricks to easily manage and monitor multiple social media accounts.

  • Plan a social media strategy 

To successfully run multiple social media accounts- remember to plan! Not having a proper strategy will trap you in a mess which will make it hard for you to organize everything and your tasks will drain you out. Automate your work and plan the time and frequency of your posts. This will help to keep your work in sync and help to manage

  • Create a social media calendar

Social media calendars help you to keep your work on track by scheduling and organizing your posts. Various software can help you in managing a calendar by putting everything in one place. As a social media manager, you need to keep a track of the different times of the day when social engagement runs high. Paying attention to time and engagement will help you plan your scheduling strategy.

  • Make use of social media management software

Logging in to one social media account at a time and publishing a single post can prove to be tedious work. However, if you have access to the right social media management software, your work can be a lot easier. The use of social media management software will help your content to stay consistent by scheduling the content for you.

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  • Monitor social media analytics

Monitoring the analytics will help you to check the content your users favor the most. You can use these analytics to plan out better strategies for higher conversions.

Manage it with ease!!

As a social media manager, you are in charge of planning, curating, scheduling, and monitoring social media posts. It’s not easy to manage multiple accounts, but planning efficiently and using the right software can refine your strategy for better results.

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