How to make effective landing pages that actually converts

How to make effective landing pages that actually converts

So, you have done all the hard work and convinced people to click on your links via social or search now what? How do you ensure that you convert most of these visitors and increase your chances of sale? Here’s the solution to these. A kick ass landing page. In this blog we’ll cover the formula on how to make effective landing pages that actually converts.

We may have heard of this before “first impression is the last impression”, and the same applies with websites and landing pages.

Landing pages are the first point of contact, a visitor has with your website. You either make it or break it here. Still, a lot of websites are yet to fully implement the right landing page structure and miss out on the fundamentals of a high converting page.

This blog pretty much solves that issue and guides you through a quick list that you can apply to your landing page and convert more visitors. Let’s get started on how to make effective landing pages for your business.

Offer a Solution

Make sure that your landing page has a clear message and tells the users exactly what to expect. Ask yourself, what problems are your solving and how will the details given in the page help the user.

Say for example, if you’re selling a beauty product. You would need to clearly mention what benefits it would provide, what age group and why they should use it.

For this you can survey people based on your product and focus on answering them in your page. This is a sure cut win and will help your audience feel connected the moment they land on your page.

[Quick tip: You can always visit other blogs in your niche to see what people are offering]

Compelling Headline

Now this is what makes a reader click to your page in the first place. If your heading is not good enough, you aren’t going to generate any visits. With businesses and individuals publishing more than 2 million blog post a day, if your headline isn’t standing out. It’s simply not going to work.

That being said, you’ll always have to keep a decent amount of effort in getting your heading right. Also, not to forget the importance of a good heading from an SEO point of view.

But how do you generate an awesome title?

Here’s a tool that can help give your topic a good brush up with some title suggestions.

Remember, in order to create a landing pages that converts. Your main goal is to build that initial attention so that your visitors will scroll through to read the rest of the page.

Layout & Design

You simply can’t ignore the importance of visuals and design for a high converting landing page. Make sure you have the most essential parts together – your logo, headline, call to action, a descriptive body and visual.

With the basic of your layout and design done, you would want to make sure that your landing page looks awesome with Mobile devices as well. If visitors can’t easily use your landing page on their phone or tablet, they won’t necessarily convert.

How to make effective landing pages that actually converts statistics mobile vs desktop users

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Platform Comparison Market Share

With the number of mobile users increasing by the day, having a landing page that doesn’t respond to mobile device would eventually cost you leads and sales. With a good landing page design and layout make sure they are responsive and looks great on any device.

Clear Call-To-Action

The key to high conversion is to ask people to take action and that happens with a call to action. You need to ensure that you have a clear actionable call-to-action so that your visitors know what to do. Remember, having a clear call to action allows you to make the most of your readers, especially when everything else is done right. Normally a button with the right set of colours works wonders.

Here’s a great example of a Call to action button with the right text and color usage

How to make effective landing pages that actually converts a compelling cta sample from netflix

Your call-to-action gives you the biggest opportunity to work on increasing your conversion rate. Make sure you give your best effort in crafting a call to action that works best.

A/B Test for Best Results

If you want to learn how to make effective landing pages that helps you generate leads, the best trick is to A/B test them. Trying a split test shows you how a single change affects your conversion rate, it could be a change in the headline or a visual, but the output can be astonishing. Try a couple of variations with minor changes so you can see how well each combination works over the other.

You can also use tools such as Leadpages you can also use to create and track A/B test for landing pages.

How to make effective landing pages that actually converts

Testing your landing pages gives you clear understanding on your audience preference and a proof of what works and what doesn’t. It’ll definitely help you replicate similar concept for your next landing pages.


Every website needs a high performing landing page, so it’s important that you have a landing that converts best. You can always get support from an experienced digital marketing agency to better assist you with your needs.

To sum it up, for a high converting landing page you’ll need to offer a solution, write a compelling headline, work on an appealing layout and design and don’t forget to A/B test. With these tips intact, your creativity and the solution you’re providing will give you great result for a high converting landing page

Try a couple of variations and be unique and find out what it takes to build a conversion machine.

Have a tip? Please do share some of your landing page strategies below.

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