How to make money from blogs

How to make money from blogs


Blogs are the best way to make money for those who are pretty passionate about writing. If you are an interesting writer and want to make money on this platform, then this article is absolutely for you. Blogs are the completed web pages that we see on different websites accompanying with some pictures, discussion, link and etc. Therefore, making blogs is not such a complicated task for anyone who is a regular writer. Big company websites own a lot of bloggers to create formative blogs for them regularly. When these blogs come to a rank on the Google search engine, they get paid huge. This is how it works, and in this article, we will elaborate on how you can make money by creating your own blogs.

Why Should I Start A Blog?

Being a blogger can be beneficial in many ways. If you are a writing enthusiast, it will keep you on your toes and regular writing will develop your writing skills. Other than that, there are a few reasons why you should start blogging

-You can make easy money from blogging. It doesn’t matter if you do blogging for yourself or you are an affiliate blogger, in both the platforms you will make more than a sufficient amount of money from your home.

–           In the platform of blogging, a writer has his/her full freedom to express his/her views and feelings about the topic he or she is writing and, he can share his/her neutral views on the blog. If you own a blog website, then you can post whatever you want keeping the Google terms in mind.

–           If you own a business, a blog is the best way to promote it and get more customers for your business. In your blog, you can be expressive about your product and write about some related genre and put some link to your product. In that way, there is a chance that the people who will like your writing will like your product too. –            Through blogging, you can easily build a community with people who are interested in your writing and in your website. Later, you can collaborate with them and promote your blog posts on their page easily.

How To Start A Blog

Blogging is not a very professional job. An amateur can also start a blog and create a wide range of audience base. You just need to be consistent with your blogs and have to be creative. Here are the steps to start a blog.

Choose A Domain Name

Choosing a domain name may seem an easy task, but most people get stuck in giving a perfect name to their blog website. So, take time and think of some unique, easy, and relevant to your website genre. Then decide on the extension, .net, .biz, or whatever you want. Then check if your chosen name is available on the internet or taken by others. If it’s available, then you are good to proceed to the next step, else you have to think again.

Connect Your Blog With WordPress

This step is a bit crucial but still, it’s easy. After you decide the name for your blogging website, you need blog hosting and blogging software to put your blogs online. These two software come together and you can easily get it by joining WordPress. You just have to register your domain name, install WordPress (on Bluehost or other emulators), and start writing your blogs. At the time of installing WordPress, you have to create your account and perform the formalities given there. Now, you are ready to start creating blogs that can pay you.

Design Your Blogs

Now you have to customize your WordPress according to the way you want your blogs to be shown on the internet. You can also take help from professionals to customize your platform. After you are done with setting up, you can easily post your blogs there.

Do The SEO On Your Own

Doing SEO on your blog is not a hard thing, this is what will help you make a rank of your blog on Google’s page. You have to know the basic knowledge of SEO to rank your blog, or you can take a paid account from the SEO marketing websites online. It will make your work easier, and you will easily analyze your rivals and make a better blog than them.

Make Money From Your Blog

This is the part where you can earn money from your blog. Apart from making it in a good rank on Google’s page, there are a lot of things you can do to earn some extra money.

–           Put Advertisements On Your Blog

You can simply put advertisements on your blog and charge money from the advertisers. This money can be a lump-sum you can take at one time or your advertiser can pay you utilizing the visits through your blog.

–           Selling Advertisement Space

This means that your blog page can run ads of different brands and when your reader clicks on the ad, you can earn money from it.

–           Start Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising is which you post on behalf of other websites and can take money from them. If you are writing about a product, mention their products too with details and pictures. This will be visible to your reader and can make them interested in it.

–           Sell Your Own Product Through The Blog

Put advertisements of your product in your blog and fix direct links so that your readers can purchase your products by the links directly.

–           Sell Affordable Memberships

If your blog reach gets too high regularly, then it’s time to sell some memberships that can both be affordable and necessary for your readers. If your readers find the memberships convenient, then, your memberships will get great sales.


Becoming a blogger can be a valid dream if you are interested in writing creative content daily. This work can pay you much more than a government official can earn in a year. All you need to do is to keep the consistency and the willpower to entertain your readers with regular wonders.



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