How to Make Money on Instagram by Selling Photos

How to Make Money on Instagram by Selling Photos

Instagram – “A digital platform which connects many”. Well, this line is so underrated and somewhere undermines what exactly Instagram does. Yes. It is much more than connecting people, posting photos, videos, direct messages, live video, exploring feeds, putting stories or IGTV VIDEOS. The platform started some years ago and was used only by young adults and teens, but now it is equally popular among adults.

According to statistics, around 500 million people around the world use Instagram daily, and the number continues to grow each day. Let us look at the reason for tremendous growth.


The Business Hub- Photos On Instagram

Instagram is beyond the direct messages, it has now become the new world for doing business and earning money. It provides unique features that help a person to earn money. One such feature is PHOTOS. Yes, one can earn money by selling photos.

photos on instagram

The Questions

How to make money by selling photos on Instagram? How much can a person get through this way? As a photographer, are you seeking the right amount and platform to showcase your talent?

The Answers

Yes, one can sell wonderful posters and photos on Instagram and make money out of it.

One of the easiest ways of selling photos on Instagram is by setting up an Instagram shopping account. It has one shop tab which leads people to reach your online shop without leaving Instagram.

You can tag your photos the way you tag your friends— clicking on tagged photos will let people know about the price and description of the photos and more about the artistic value of the image or poster.

Clicking on the photos will take them to the products sale page.

Another way of surging the sale of your shopping is to use the Instagram feature of stories.
You can make your Instagram business account by connecting it to your Facebook page and connecting the Instagram page with the Facebook catalog.

Steps To Start Your Shopping Business On Instagram

STEP 1- To sell prints, you can make a new post and write a description of the image and price, in how many sizes the image is available, you can ask to DM you or comment on how they found it. You can promote it by putting it on your Instagram story.

STEP 2 – If you’re serious about it and want to make it more official, then the next step would be to connect the Instagram page to your sales website. You can create a website by using free sites or by paying somebody who can make a website for you. Make sure that you add a link to the ecommerce site on your bio. Instagram also has shopping tags for posts that take the audience directly to the shopping site.

STEP 3-  Once your page is popular and has a decent fan following, a brand can ask you to make a post for their brand and will pay you for this. A sponsored post can make you earn a lot.

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According to stats, in 2013 it had 130 million daily users, but now it has grown 10 times more. And this also proves that this tremendous growth calls for investments in the platform. If you are looking for a career growth in photography, then invest your time and money in it.
It is a wonderful platform to showcase your portfolio.


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