The Ultimate Hashtag Game

The Ultimate Hashtag Game

‘Using a hashtag can help create great visibility and also allow you to reach your target audience, thereby connecting you better with your followers.’

Every small, mid, and big enterprises are involved in social media platforms. The importance of social media is such that earlier only departments like finance and sales were considered essential for business to make profit, but the times have changed, and now companies have a separate department to take care of social media campaigns.

According to YouTube, around 500 videos are posted a minute on their platform, and Facebook reveals that around 1 billion stories are posted every day. That kind of trend is not only on YouTube, Facebook but also Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter.
Social media platforms have enormous activities going on a regular basis.

Almost every company is on social media, sometimes it becomes a hassle for companies to make their brands stand out, increase their visibility, get their posts noticed. All this can be done by using the right hashtags.

The Window Of Hashtags

Hashtags are the keywords with any punctuation and no space. It is placed in the front of the word#. It allows a user to find hashtags with a similar topic.

For example, if a user has searched for #Music, all the companies who have used this hashtag will popp up. If hashtags are used correctly by companies it helps to boost brand reachability and brand awareness.

Some popular hashtags that companies from Youtube, Instagram, Linkdin and Twitter use are:


According to data, 1 billion people across the globe use Instagram, and just imagine brand visibility on such a big platform will always benefit the companies. And it is one of the platforms which is known for its constant new and unique features. On Instagram, there are various ways to use hashtags. Apart from using a hashtag in the post description, one can use clickable hashtags in the profile section as well as clickable hashtags on the stories.


The purpose of using hashtags on Instagram

To increase brand awareness and to share user-generated content, branded hashtags can be used by the company. These branded hashtags are exclusive to only that company, and no other company can use it. It can be included in the company bio.

If any company is catering to a local audience, location-based hashtags can be used.

Common Hashtags are used on the gram.



Aiming to increase the visibility of the videos and increase your subscribers on youtube?
Usage of the right hashtag is the answer.

It never hurts to use a branded hashtags for your company. Youtube allows the hashtag to be clickable and blue, which means when a branded hashtag is clicked upon, it will be directed to the brand’s video.


Youtube allows you to use 15 hashtags on a video, it is wise to use five at a time.

There are chances that YouTube might remove a hashtag. To ensure that it does not happen, make sure that your video and hashtag relate to each other.

According to YouTube’s Community Guidelines, one offensive hashtag can lead to the removal of your brand’s video by YouTube.

Hashtags used by YouTube



Twitter was established in 2006 to exchange messages known as tweets. The best part about Twitter is that one doesn’t need to find hashtags on it. Twitter has a dashboard, one can use its explore tab to see the trending hashtags and recent topics.


Some of the practices one can follow

  • Two relevant hashtags in one tweet.
  • Use a hashtag, which encourages people to retweet it.
Popular hashtags on Twitter



One of the biggest job portals across the globe. According to Google, 740 million people are using this job portal. Hashtags used on LinkedIn are quite different from the one used on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. Being a professional platform, hashtags like love, fun may look a bit informal. Proper consideration must be given while putting any hashtag.

Popular hashtags on LinkedIn.


To Sum it Up

Hashtags are a wonderful way for the brand to expand their reach, open up different ways of communication, engage with the existing followers, and increase brand awareness. Companies are reaching new heights by using the hashtags correctly.

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