Types Of Influencers To Improve The Marketing Campaign

Types Of Influencers To Improve The Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is one tool of digital marketing which gets the highest ROI. But finding the right influencer can be a daunting task and can take a toll on the company because there are so many influencers to pick from.

Because if brands pick the wrong creator it can impact the marketing campaign and the reputation of the brand.

This blog includes the types of influencers, brands can choose and how they different from each other.


  • Based on followers
  • Based on the content

Followers Count


Not everybody on social media has the same follower count, some have less and some more. And this number game defines the partnerships with the brands.

There are 4 categories in which influencers are divided on the basis of number count.


Influencers who have a fan following on social media platforms between 1k to 10k. They have a very honest and long-term relationship with their followers. Nano influencer’s profile is very engaging and the products they recommended are often used by followers, which creates great engagement rates for the brand.

Small and mid-size businesses choose Nano influencers as they are cost-effective. Give them a niche, and they bring great ROI to the brand.


They usually have a count between 10k to 100k followers. Micro-influencers have a very specific niche and target audience with a higher following than nano influencers. They are successful in getting high engagement rates and brand awareness.

Macro Influencers

With the following between 100k to 1m followers. Macro influencers are social media stars, bloggers, bloggers, podcasters. Sometimes their higher engagement results in low engagement rates from audiences.

They have larger audiences and are often on other social media platforms too, one finds them by using the hashtag or looking for brands that relate to your brand.

Mega Influencers

For collaborating with mega influencers, brands require higher budgets as they are already well-established celebrities. They can bring your product in front of as many people as they can.

Know more about the ASCI’s Guidelines for Influencer Marketing in India here

Followers Based On Content


Influencers have followers based on the niche they are following. And brands choose the right fit based on the content they are promoting

Sports and Fitness

Fitness influencers can choose their content from various niches like yoga, running, pilates, cross-fit, weight loss, and many more. Through social media profiles, they create awareness regarding fitness and post their workout regime, diet, and many more. Brands collaborate with them for drinks, food products, workout programs, and so on. Jennifer Selter one of the best content creator for sports and fitness.


Social media platforms are flooded with travel influencers Their profile will depict the travel enthusiasm and passion to another level. Brands collaborate with them to share travel tips, hotel, and place reviews, places to visit, and so on. Shivya Nath is a popular travel influencer


Another content that social media platforms witness is the beauty niche. Around 43% of consumers follow beauty followers. Both men and women are influencers that are being followed. And brands collaborate with them to promote beauty products, tips on how to use makeup, and so on. Mrunal Panchal is a beauty content creator to follow today.


This includes photographers as content creators who collaborate with big companies to provide with the camera, camera lenses and tips on how to become a photographer, and so on. Paola Franqui – a New york based influencer.


This content has tons of niche like gaming reviews, montages, Tutorials, and so on. Gaming influencers use the platform like YouTube and twitch and gain millions of followers. Gaming influencers post videos, posts about gaming-related products. Brands collaborate with them on shoes, clothes, gadgets, beverages, and so on. Tyler Blevins is a popular gaming influencer.


They promote things like jewelry, apparel, bags, shoes, watches, and other accessories. These type of content creators make video for their fashion statement, review the products, offer styling tips, and many more. Komal Pandey is one such influencer to follow.

To Sum It Up

There are several kinds of influencers depending on content as well as the following base. Brands get enough options to choose from depending on budget, goal, and personality.

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