Ways To Level Up Your Instagram Trends

Ways To Level Up Your Instagram Trends

According to Google, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users across the globe and 500+ million who still check their gram every single day.
It has also become the hub for surging income through influencer marketing, blogging, affiliating marketing, and many more.

If you are using Instagram for your brands, follow these 11 Instagram trends to provide your target audience with the quality of content, thus boosting the follower game.

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Instagram Trends To Level Up Your Game


If this goes wrong, everything else goes wrong. Many brands got lost in the marketing world because of undermining the importance of putting quality of content. Your content must be engaging, relevant, humorous, and yet value-creating. Instagram users are very active and well-aware of the quality of content. It is not impossible to make a fool of the audience.

Brands must create refreshing content rather than copying it from somebody else’s page.

Proper Timing
If a lot of posting is happening constantly, it might look desperate. And too less appearance on the Instagram page will hamper the brand. A proper frequency must be maintained. Too much or too little can make hamper the Instagram game. An eye-catching content will make the audience come back to your page.

Instagram Stories
Haven’t you seen a celebrity, influencer, or a brand posting a story mentioning “Check out my next post”
That is the power of stories. Instagram  stories is one of the Instagram Trends that came out in 2016, and there was no end to it. According to stats, 80% of brands have claimed that Instagram stories have a huge impact on the influencer content of their page.
Instagram is known for upgrading their existing facilities, they keep on bringing new stuff for their story feature. One can find polls, stickers, shopping links, emoji sliders, and many more. If a user has more than 10k followers, gram gives them the swipe up feature. This helps to add the link for specific stories. 90% of influencers publish their new content via gram stories.

instagram trends

Marketing With A Cause

With the ongoing Covid situation, people’s lives are impacted to a huge extent, be their livelihood or danger of life. Seeing this, Instagram launched a social fundraising feature to help those who are suffering the most.

Last year with the help of crowd funding, Instagram and Facebook collectively raised more than $100 million for the pandemic affected people.

Fundraising through Instagram is the way of showing your followers what kind of value the brand possesses.

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Exploration Tab

This tab on Instagram offers shortcuts for users to see content from different areas. Users find content from decor, food, IGTV, travel, architecture, and more. Around 200 million gram users explore this tab every day to engage themselves in new content.

AR Effects Of Brands

Haven’t you experienced people using the effects of a particular brand on their profile? Snap chat came up with the idea of effects and then later it was taken by Facebook too. AR effects are being used by top-notch brands from cosmetics to clothing to let the consumer know how the product looks at them. Apart from fashion and beauty, furniture and home decor companies are using Branded AR effects to let the audience know a particular furniture piece looks in their space.

Going live
Instagram lives have touched the skies in 2020. Last year, Instagram’s live usage surged to 70% in a single month (April). According to research, such an increment happened because people were isolated in their homes. Witnessing the current pandemic situation, it can be said that live content will continue to rise.

Let’s Shop

Instagram and Facebook are known to explore new products, to make it easier for users, Instagram came with the feature of shoppable posts. This feature will show up in user’s feeds and they can shop without even leaving the platform. Brands are collaborating with influencers and celebrities and they are using the shoppable tab in their post to surge brand sales. IN app shopping is proving beneficial to the brand as well as for Instagram.

To Sum It Up

A strong presence on Instagram will always help the brand to stand out. And that will happen only when marketers will use all the trends the most. These trends are a brilliant way to engage your followers. Newness always attract the audience. Hence include in your social media campaigns.

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