International Women’s Day: How Brands Are Celebrating It?

International Women’s Day: How Brands Are Celebrating It?

International Women’s Day is not only a reminder of the challenges and achievements of women but an opportunity for everyone to work towards gender equality and a bias-free world. The UN’s theme for this year is “Break The Bias” to address the gender biases that prevail in society. The significance of women is beyond any suspicion and we dedicate this day to all the women around the world.
Marking the importance of this day, brands have again come up with innovative and creative campaigns. Have a look at some of them below:


Myntra took this opportunity to talk about unnecessary DMs that women receive regularly. This women’s day Myntra asks you not to ignore the creepy messages, rather reply to them with some savage comebacks.


BIBA, on the other hand, is giving a chance to the women to share their stories and get a chance to win BIBA sponsored digital courses.


To fight against unsolicited and gender-biased opinions, Nykaa has shared a post to remind women to rise above the unnecessary comments and slay like a powerful woman.


Another campaign that stood out is Stayfree, where they collaborated with UNICEF India to celebrate how ordinary people are setting an example by normalizing period conversations.


Paytm took an innovative approach to carry out a social experiment to highlight the importance of gender equality by inviting a few children to perform a task and later offering them a reward. Their video ended with a strong message that both genders have an equal role in society.

Celebrate Equality!!

No doubt women are achieving milestones and overcoming hurdles to make their place in society, and this day is all about honoring their achievements. But let’s take a moment and use this day as an opportunity to raise awareness and strive towards a standard of gender equality.

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