Key Areas To Focus If You Want To Build A Career In Digital Marketing

Remember how ads pop up between your favorite YouTube video and those ads on your Facebook page about the exact products you just have searched on an online website? Yes, those are a part of Marketing, you can descriptively term as Digital Marketing. From the time internet has come into our lives, it has disconnected us from TV, radio, and other things that used to be on our regular routine. Now most people have an internet connection in their house, and the marketers are using it as the ‘Midas Touch’ for their business, and it can be a great option for a career as well because our future is standing on the pillars of online business and marketing. In this article, we will nurture this topic, so stay tuned.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is the heart of a business, and it is the key to grow your business in an exponential way. That’s what we call as digital marketing. In the era of the internet where everything is going digital with enormous times of its actual growth, it’s time to switch to digital marketing which can also be a great option for a career.

If you want to become a digital marketing expert, here are the areas you need to know or be an expert of:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Data Analysis
  • Blogging
  • Content Writing
  • Web Designing/Developing
  • Social Media Marketing

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Have you ever imagined how Google chooses only some pages to show on the first page against your search? We hardly go to the third or fourth-page cause we can find the information on the first and second page. In other words, Google spoon-feeds us with those first or second pages. So in the copious number of websites and their content pages, only one or two pages what we actually see is the game of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization helps a page to get its rank on Google as a Search Engine Result Page amongst the n number of pages that is available for the same results. It drives more traffic into the page for increasing the number of visitors, and that improves the rank. Every company has its own SEO specialist to drive their pages on top and they work on Keyword search, Keyphrase Length, SEO analysis, Readability, Image attribute, Link insertion, and a lot more thing. This is how it works

SEM(Search Engine Marketing)

Search Engine Marketing is the paid ads that make your page more visible to the user and drives traffic into it for those paid ads. It is the promotion of your website on the basis of your created ad that is making your page more visible to the users on the Search Engine Result Page. Google has fixed a limited space for those ads, and your ads are only visible on the relevant search. It has two criteria to show your ad i.e. bid amount and relevance.

To be an SEM expert, you need to have good knowledge of the perfect bid amount and where and how it can be applied so that most people can see it. As an expert, you have to conduct the ad campaign with bidding amount as pay per click for Google and this requires professional knowledge.

Data Analysis

Unlike offline marketing, the most amazing thing in Digital Marketing is that you can track the number of people visiting your website, number of clicks on your link, form filling on your site, and time spent on your page. Data Analysis is a thing of analyzing data from the sources of the number of users you are engaging in your website to get the whereabouts of your business. The more you engage people the more you can turn your business into a big one. It also helps to understand the state of your business so that you can go for the tricks of further improvement.


A blog is a web paper which consists of the material of your website with the proportional information about content and the further things to make it attractive. Blogging is the thing to keep the blogs updated in a regular manner so that your viewers can have diverse options to read in a frequent way. The previous blogs come later and the blog page always gets updated with the latest one.

So as a blogger, your work is to keep the blog page updated by creating newer blogs on a regular basis and do their SEO so that your blog can be evident on the first page of Google.

Content Writing

Content writing is providing the relevant content for the website so that the target audience get to read the exact content from the related website. Websites are specifics to their contents and they always keep the contents updated through their blogs so that viewers can have regular reading materials, thereby increasing the views on the website

As a content writer, you need to keep the content unique and create blogs with other further furnishings. It is also your duty to make the content reach its target audience through good SEO so it can get more views and comments.

Web Designing/Developing

Web designing or developing is designing or developing a website so that it can be user-friendly and get a good user interface. If a site looks messy, none will be interested to invest their time in reaching or reading your content further. It is the technical part of Digital Marketing that needs safe and expert hands with the knowledge of coding and developing with high-level computer language. There are also other developers who will develop or improve the features of the websites with time but the work requires professional hands.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the way of increasing your marketing using social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Instagram, and others. Every ad you see in the interval of your favorite video or in the middle of your news feed is called social media marketing. This generation is addicted to social media so what can be a greater option to target the platforms and get the potential customers

As a social media marketer, you have to know the skills to create ads, feature it on the relevant social media sites according to the algorithm. It helps you to generate more customers with the help of share, like, and the link provided to it.


In this digital era, where everything is getting digitalized, digital marketing can be a good career option as a freelancer or a full-time devotee. So these were some of the things that will hopefully help you in the long run.










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