How to Market an Event Online | 10 Event Marketing Tips

How to Market an Event Online | 10 Event Marketing Tips

The venue is set and the date of your event is finalized. Now all you need is for people to show up. Thinking how?

If you’re not very familiar with online marketing and need some quick insights on how to market an event online, here’s a list of 10 event marketing tips for you. You don’t necessarily need a huge budget to make this work. Remember most of the online channels are free.

So the next time you’re gearing up for an event just use this list for your event marketing plan.

10 tips on how to market an event online

1. Pre-event content: Firstly, you need a platform to showcase your event via social media or a standalone website. You’ll need to clearly mention the theme, time, venue and who should attend. The details and description should clearly mention on what an attendee should expect from the event. Make sure your content is brief and scan-able.

2. Content Curation: Create some buzz around your event by curating content (Images, Videos, Quotes) or get an endorsement done with T-Shirts or other branded event merchandise. Note: Content curation is all about capturing memories; if you don’t have any previous content, start creating one for the current event.

3. Artist, bands or speaker info: A great speaker/ artist list attracts crowd like crazy! Make sure you add a short intro or bio showing their face and listing all their credentials. While promoting speakers and artist make sure you ask them to cross promote your event, this helps increase reach while marketing your event online.

4. Event identity: Make sure you sync all your channels well and have a consistent brand color or identity in place. This helps identify your event and create a better brand recall. You can simply create an event identity by using a logo or a consistent themed poster.

5. Online Button: All the tips shared to market an event online may not work if you don’t have a clear call to action. Make sure you have a prominent button to either register for your events or buy your tickets directly online. Here’s an example of how NH7 weekender does it well with a clear call to action.

How to Market an Event Online 10 Event Marketing Tips

6. Pre-event email and SMS: If you have an email and SMS list, these may be your best channel to promote your event prior to the event date. Make sure you add a hyperlink to the event signup or registration page to get the most of registrations. Knowing the estimates always helps your preparation.

7. Social Media Activity: Every event is a social occasions and your event marketing cannot miss the use of social media. With social media you cannot just create a Facebook page and thinks everything is done and dusted. You would need a clear strategy and good amount of paid post to ensure you have enough registrations. Don’t forget to add links in the bios, creating an event hashtag and cross posting through different platforms.

8. Pre-event write-ups: Depending on the size of your event you can create relevant blog post and content on the event at least a month prior to the event. Your content can include videos, location guide, speaker/artist interviews etc.

9. Media submissions: You cannot ignore the attention and local media houses. Many media sites will let you post and have short write-ups about events. There could even be journalists who cover local events. The key here is about trying to get their attention and having your event the much needed press coverage (Paid media advertisement are different)

How to Market an Event Online 10 Event Marketing Tips in northeast india

10. Live updates: Live posting during events gives you a huge opportunity for event promotion. People will be watching your social media page and handles. Fill that up with some interesting content such as the location tour, what’s coming up and not to forget live posting during the event.

Ready to market an event online?

Hope you got at least a few online event marketing ideas from the above list that your can try for your next event.

Do add any ideas you may have in the comments below.

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