Mother’s Day Special: Meet These Indian Mommy Bloggers Who Are Redefining Motherhood

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Mother’s Day is such a special day for every child, a day meant to celebrate our moms, her love and compassion for her child. So, if you are a mom,

‘A very Happy Mother’s day to you’

To make this day more special, we have listed few mother bloggers who have proved that they can ace motherhood along with creative and genuine content.

Here are some of the Mommy bloggers who is an inspiration for all the mommies out there.

Tulika is a mom blogger who runs a blogging page Obsessivemom. She started blogging in 2006, the year of birth of her twins -H and -N.

Now isn’t that cute?

Her blogs are all about parenting where she shares her moments about her journey as a mother. So many mothers out there can have a look at her blogs and share the same moments together.

Hamara Rumi Darwaza aur hum. In Lucknow for a week and it’s the best feeling ever.


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Meet another mommy blogger, who is also known by the name of Master chef mom. She loves cooking and has a blogging website where she shares her food recipes. Also, she has authored an amazing book for all the food lovers, ‘My Genius Lunch Box.’


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A mother is all about her child. Isn’t it?

Sangeetha Menon has a blogging website Bumps and Baby, which is one of India’s leading parenting blog. Her blog topics cover topics related to pregnancy, child care, mom care and other parenting tips.

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An entrepreneur, a self-taught baker and a mom of a young boy, Simran Oberoi is the founder of Ovenderful which is a healthy baking enterprise. Her love for baking made her start an Ovenderful community where she encourages mothers to share healthy recipes to try out at home.

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Elina is a practising nutritionist and a mother of a 4-year old child. She also has a website Diet Funda, where she regularly shares relevant information related to child care.

She is also written a book, ‘Indian Galactagogues’ which is a guide for new moms.

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She is a Child psychologist, an entrepreneur, co-founder of my beach bums, and a mom to two amazing boys.

She is a mom blogger on Instagram, where she talks about home schooling, lifestyle, fitness and many other such topics.

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An MBA graduate, who owns a blogging website ‘Being a Thinkaholic’, Arushi is a mother who loves writing her thoughts on parenting, relationships and social issues.

Apart from writing blogs, she loves traveling and exploring new places with her family.


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