Northeast Digital Accelerator Programme

Giving Wings to Entrepreneurs of Northeast India

Northeast Digital Accelerator Programme

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The Northeast Digital Acceleration Programme is aimed at recognizing local entrepreneurs from the Northeast of India and work with them to create a supportive digital ecosystem to help young entrepreneurs scale up their businesses.

Identify, nurture and scale next generation entrepreneurs from the Northeast of India with the help of latest digital marketing trends, techniques and strategies.

The Why Behind this Programme

The Digital Accelerator Programme will work as a platform committed to helping rural & sub-urban entrepreneurs maximize the use of internet-based technology to launch or expand businesses and create employment opportunities in the Northeast. Moreover, the acceleration programme is initiated because:

  • There are more ‘traditional’ businesses especially in the rural areas that needs to explore the usage of technology to reach new customers and increase revenue.
  • There are businesses with some early success but are struggling to scale the business to the next level.
  • There are unnoticed innovative ideas for businesses and are struggling to gain enough customer interest.

How does it work?

Through this programme, the firm will select local entrepreneurs every three months and offer specialist advice, support and digital solutions without any cost. Post selection of applicants, the team at Marketing Wire will work to develop their plans and maximize the use of internet-based services and platforms to create new revenue streams, access new markets and attract stakeholders.

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