How To Fix Social Media Mistakes

How To Fix Social Media Mistakes

Nikki Giovanni once said, “Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts.” Well, this Quote by her is so right. Mistakes make us human, and mistakes when rectified make us a better human.

Rectification of mistakes does not only apply to the real world but also the social media world. Often some brands suffer a lot due to blunder they did in past and how that impacted their reputation and failed to reach the target audience.

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Some Of The Mistakes Brands Make Or Overlook In Their Social Media Journey

  1. Making false claims:

One of the biggest mistakes one can do it as a brand is to claim something that the product is not offering in real. False promises regarding the brand. Not providing what you have promised in the advertisement can raise the question of trust in the brand. Many consumers can file a complaint and sue in condemn of damage.

2. Not checking the social analytics:

Another mistake a brand does is not to keep the track of social analytics. It is important to understand the trends, and checking which strategy suits the brand most. If social analytics is not referred it will lead to the lack of performance of the brand

3. No social media planning:

A proper planning is like a guiding map that helps to reach the destination. The same goes for social media planning, it leads to all the activities. No proper strategy can lead to the loss of a lot of competitors, problems in retaining customers, not able to understand the recent trends, and so on.

4. Not understanding the responsiveness:

Social media and the brands are for people and by the people. It is important to be responsive to their comments negative or positive, suggestions, and complaints. It makes them feel that the brand is concerned about their target audience. Avoiding the responsive can easily cut them off from the real world.

5. Preaching the wrong audience:

Social media is all about people. It is important to understand the importance of tapping the right audience. Like for example, a vegan audience is being targeted for the non-veg product. . A completely wrong approach. Proper research must be conducted to identify the right audience, and then only a campaign can become successful.

These are some of the common mistakes that brand do on their social media platforms.

How to fix social media mistakes

How To Fix The Mistakes

If there are problems, there are solutions too. Some of the steps to be taken by the brand to reduce the effect of the blunders created on social media.

  1. Quick sets- Damage can be controlled or reduced to a great extent when quick and immediate steps are taken for it. Quick decisions play a key role in rectifying the mistakes, Like for example if a company has posted a wrong tweet, which can harm the sentiments of people, the brand can quickly take steps and remove it and put an apology for hurting the sentiments.
  2. Don’t hide behind the drapes– The key to gaining the trust of the audience is to accept the mistake. Don’t hide under the drapes. Many organizations have successfully changed the negative impact into positive opportunities by using this point. No more lies.
  3. Come back stronger- Once a step back cannot remain a setback. Once a brand goes wrong, it is important to come back stronger. Standing up again with a more creative vision, and benefits to the target audience will help the brand to create the right picture
  4. Be proactive – Constantly monitoring the reports and impacts of the mistake created is a good way to fix it. Proactive actions and constantly checking reports can help in taking timely actions.

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The Final Word

Social media is an indispensable tool and no company can do without it. But having said that it must be done with the greatest thoughtfulness, otherwise the campaign’s progress will hamper big time. Audiences have proper control and their choices judge the success and failure of the brand. So, proper judgments and effective planning must be done.

At the end of the day what matters is what kind of value you are providing to the customer. Mistakes are the greatest teacher one can ever have, and can be turned into a positive response.

Did you learn how to rectify your mistakes??

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