Social media is now a must use platform for everyone, and we use it as a main platform to connect with customers and to share our products or service.

With more than 3.397 billion active social media users, the main goal of marketing is not just to increase sales but also spread our brand awareness. Taking advantage of huge social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can increase the probability of success in the marketing your product or service.

“Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide you.”-Matt Goulart

Here are 5 easy steps for social media marketing success.


  1. Get your plans on the table

Without having any plans or a digital roadmap, there is a huge chance of failure. In order to make your marketing a success, a well thought off plan is a necessity.

  • Create an organized schedule and taking notes on what is actually working for the competitors.
  • Different social sites have different preferences of customers over the other. To have a greater audience, choosing the mostly used social platform is a win.
  1. Targeting specific customers.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him/her and sell itself.” – Peter Drucker.

According to your target customers you can determine your main social media sites.

Different types of customers are focused on specific sites of their interest. This can mostly depend on their age, gender and demography.

  • Facebook being the mostly used online site of a population of 67% where an average of 60% users are female.
  • Twitter being used mainly by an average of 28-year-old woman.
  • Instagram being a popular site for young users between 16-30 years.
  • Pinterest on the other hand attracts mainly women with high income and education.

Data source

Getting an in-depth understanding of your customers you can easily increase your marketing ROI.

5 Reasons Why you Should Hire a Social Media Marketing Service Provider Impotantce of analytics

  1. Creating quality content

Quality content can help increase the interest of your customers, trust me, it does make a difference.

Quality content can be something that is informative, sharable and relevant to your customers, a little sense of humor can be used.

What is the actual purpose of having a quality content?

  • It makes your profile/page unique, valuable and more engaging. To stand out from other competitions.
  • It is a useful method for your customers to reach out to you. This can be done by including the location, work hours, contact information, etc.

Always remember to work on experiments and see what works best for you. Things can get slow initially, but you will eventually succeed after some tries.

  1. Be creative with pictures

A great way to be creative with pictures and attract customer is by adding colors. By this, I mean, add various pictures of your products or your offering on the sites. It can be worth a thousand words.

If you chose Facebook to be your main platform, using quality pictures is a great way to interact with customers and to make them more interested in your product or brand.

After gaining some traction if they are interested in your product, they will eventually be sharing it among their network. And that’s a winning act for you.

Your customers would be more secure if they are provided with pictures and video snippets. No one would like to interact with a stranger now right?

  1. Be social and active.

Just uploading pictures won’t be enough. Making sure that the customer queries get responded is also a key.

Social media is all about connecting with people so you should be interactive and social, since that is what the customers would expect you to be. Responding lightning fast is also a bonus and would meet the interest of your audience.

“It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.” –Dalai Lama


So, to sum it up, living up to the expectation of your costumers can be a hassle but that’s what you need to do to make your marketing a success.

Make sure you keep a track of your progress and evaluate.

We believe that marketing through means of social media is important, but most of them fail due to the lack of proper plans or strategies. The first few days would be hectic and there should be enough investment in hand.

Now we know there are many steps so as to achieve success in this field, but being cautious, active, and patient is the main key and would help a lot.

“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

Which of the steps for social media marketing success did find you find helpful?


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