Stop Boosting Your Post! Promote it Instead for Better Reach

Stop Boosting Your Post! Promote it Instead for Better Reach

You’re done with your best post and you hit the publish button on Facebook. What next? Say your post starts getting good organic engagement; Now amplifying your reach to more people becomes the next goal.

If your social media marketing strategy includes Facebook as a key platform, there’s a high chance that you’re familiar with their boost options.

Hundreds of page owners across Facebook use the ‘Boost Post’ button to increase their post reach with just the click of a few buttons. Simply setting the targeting, finalizing on the the total budget for the promotion and there you go, your boosted post is running until budget or time runs out.

It’s simple and fast! So what’s wrong with it?

The biggest technical difference between the Boost Post button and manually promoting a post through Ads Manager has always been the number of targeting and bidding options. That being said, the Boost Post feature have also seen some significant updates in recent times.

While the targeting and tracking options are now much more robust than previous version, simply boosting your post is still limited as compared to manual promotion.

When you create precise targets for each ad, you can better determine which audience set is performing best for your business.

That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

One of our favorite parts of online advertising is the ability to manage ad spend efficiently; boosting Facebook posts takes that opportunity away from you. To be able to control your budget while maximizing learning from different split test, break out those targeting options!

With Ads Manager, you can create multiple ads from one published Facebook post by breaking out different targeting parameters and running them head-to-head (i.e. split-testing). Then, you can easily pause the ads that don’t perform after the ad has optimized.

What you can try with Ads manager?

Try some of these targeting experiments to start with:

Re-target people recently on your website with the Facebook Pixel Target people with Facebook’s various demographics, interest and behavior categories and that’s barely making a dent in the Facebook ad universe.

While reaching more of your current and desired audience is important, there are other business objectives to consider. Driving in-store traffic? Consider redeemable Facebook “Offers.”

Want to generate leads? Conversion pixel-tracked link posts or native lead forms will do the trick.

Starting a conversation? You can run ads right to Messenger and engage prospects with a chat bot.

If generating brand and upper funnel awareness or building an engaged community of customers are priority goals, promoting Facebook posts with the Post Engagement objective will also work best.

How to Promote a Post on Facebook Using Ad Manager

Setting up a promoted post campaign in Facebook’s Ads Manager is simple. Follow these six quick and easy steps:

  1. In Ads Manager, click the green “create” button
  2. Select your objective “Brand Awareness” or “Engagement” etc.
  3. Choose your targeting parameters to ensure your content reaches your target audience.
  4. Click the drop-down menu to designate a pre-existing post.
  5. Launch the campaign
  6. Repeat this process until you’ve promoted all applicable posts.

This process does require more time than simply boosting your posts, however based on my experience, this method generates better results, at a more cost-effective rate.


Where boosted posts offer a quick fix to reaching more people, allocating 5 – 15 minutes to promote Facebook posts properly in Ads Manager and adjust targeting will allow you to maximize your total return.

Next time you feel compelled to “Boost” the post, reach out to the managed tool instead and notice the difference.

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