This is the Wired Team....

Creative, Talented and full of fun

Discover the faces behind Marketing Wire's Success. Explore our diverse talents, shared values, and commitment to excellence as we work together to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results.

The Wired Crew...

Meet the leadership team!


Innovation Architect

The Tech Whisperer - Turning bits and bytes into digital magic.

Ibansara Shullai

Talent Catalyst

Master of matchmaking, bringing the best and brightest to our team.

Badal Nyalang

Chaos Creator

Master of Controlled Chaos, steering the ship through turbulent seas towards innovation and success.

Antonia Palatdor Thangkhiew

Execution Maestro

Juggling resources and delivering results, a performer; making the impossible happen.

Priskili Darlong

The Brand Maestro

Conducting the symphony of our brand's presence with finesse.

Thejanguzo Chielie

Coding Wizard

Crafting lines of code like spells from a wizard's wand.

Darisha Kurbah

Web Wizard

Weaving digital dreams into code, creating online realms where imagination meets functionality.

Our Journey at a glance...

Voices of the Team

Hear directly from the heart of Marketing Wire – our passionate team members share their stories, experiences, and insights on what makes our journey together truly extraordinary.