13 Types of Social Media Content You Should Start Posting Right Away

13 Types of Social Media Content You Should Start Posting Right Away

When it comes to your social media strategy, you want the maximum engagement and possibly convert as many prospects and land them to your website. But how are you doing it? Posting regularly is one thing and getting engagement is a different thing altogether.

As a social media marketer you may have encountered different types of social media content, yet how many of them are within your reach and what are you doing to create content better than what your competitor is doing? With 71% of consumers having a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to othersYou cannot neglect this end of the marketing. Today I’m going to share 13 types of social content or shall I say content form that’ll surely give you an upper-hand when compared to your competitors and bring your social media action to life.

Types of Social media content

Blog post: So you’re done writing your epic content piece, what do you do next? Share it? Let people know what you have under your sleeve and what information you can offer. This will not only bring diversity to the type of content you share through social media but it will also ensure that people look up to you as thought leader or the go to site to collect information. In fact, 66% of marketers reported using blog post in their social media content.

13 Types of Social Media Content You Should Start Posting Right Away

When it comes to sharing blog posts on your social media network, never limit yourself to only new post that gets published. Try sharing older blogs with a different visual. This will give your content a wider reach and increase the say validity of your blogs. Not to forget, this will ensure a regular flow of traffic to your site.

Customer testimonials: Customer testimonials are a gold mine for any business. It gives your prospects a sense of trust and allows people to hear out from real people on the other side rather than you talking about your product or service. This actually helps reinforce the final decision of choosing you over your competitor.

Video content is projected to acquire more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. So all you need to do is have your customer record a short snippet of their experience for an excellent customer testimonial piece. Another approach would be to simply have a text based design that’s visually appealing and spreads out the message clearly. You sure don’t want to miss this one.

Live streaming: Though this may not be universal yet. You still need to familiarize your social media feed with some live streams. With Facebook, you can even choose whether you want the content to be available for viewing later. As per Facebook, live videos gets more than 10 times more comment than regular ones.

Try streaming something on the top performing content you have via live streams through Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube and have the content uploaded for other viewers later. You would see how a simple variation in the content form could be a lead producing machine for your business.

Infographics: Everyone loves visual data. Not just some boring charts and graphs. And when it comes to social media, with such a short attention span, numbers may just disappear.

Infographics are by far the most shared content form in social media. But creating an eye catching and data backed infographic can get tedious at times, but with the helps of tools such as Canva, you can create your very own infographic in less than an hour with some pre-built templates. So go ahead and leverage the world of visually appealing content.

Interactive content: Did you ever notice a quiz popping up in your news feed or even a poll or survey? How did that made you feel? These are all different forms of interactive content that allows users to better engage with the content. Imagine, if you took part in a random quiz, wouldn’t you want to share the result at the end? Firstly, that’s a great source of user generated content and second, it allows user to engage rather than just a static read it and swallow type of post.

Interactive content is the new buzz in the realm of social media. With a high user engagement, you can create a great user experience every time you hit the publish button.

News worthy content: Being a sought after source that breaks news on real time basis can be difficult. Marketers are  up with producing content that clearly explains a topic and are focused on deep explanations. So how do you incorporate the BREAKING NEWS part?

Producing news worthy articles may be something that you see a news industry filling up for you. But why not you? You don’t need to have all the deep knowledge about the news, but a short message or small chucks on things as it happens (relevant to your industry) can well be a great shareable content for your audience.

Image based content: You may well know already that image based content are highly shareable. Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report found that 85% of the 5,000 online marketers surveyed use visuals, up from 74% in 2016. Human brains just loves visual. Social media post with an eye catching image does all the work for you and you get higher response and engagement rate. In fact, visuals make us remember your message even a month after seeing. Now that’s something you can’t afford to miss.

So all you have to do is maintain a steady flow of image based content and you’ll surely notice the value it brings back.

User generated content: By far, whenever I see customers writing about how they’ve used a product or service or how exactly they have benefited. It becomes all the more obvious that you thank the customer by simply sharing it via social media.

Brands such as Starbucks, does very well when it comes to user generated content and guess what all the bragging gets done for you by simply featuring their work. What more could you ask for? So make sure you do have a quick look around how people are using your product and if you see anyone talking about it. Make sure you’ve got your share button ready and make a big fuss about it.

EBooks and content offers: Well this is something that seems very obvious. But most of the marketers aren’t using the high converting eBooks and content offers as part of their social media posts. Imagine, you’ve done a lot of research and compiled a great eBook that you are giving away in exchange for emails. Then why isn’t it shared on social media?

EBooks and content offers are a gated behind a form which more often than not, gives you leads and the much deserved exposure it needs. Besides just having a popup or a CTA to a landing page, why not post it directly on social media, you’d never know how many people would actually give in their emails for the treasure that you have to offer.

Curated content: The question here comes, how many post can you actually create in a day? There are a lot of well established marketers whom you can simply follow and share their content across your social media platforms. First, you’ll be doing another marketer a great help by sharing his or her content, second, your audience will get something different on their news feed.

This is definitely something you must try, as content which are hot news or any latest updates may well be written by others. But it will definitely help spark engagement in your social media account once you start posting it.

Tips and list post: What actually compels you to share content on social media? There is an explanation behind why most people share content that seem to have a tip and they think that their circle or followers can benefit from it.

It’s all about, “I learned this and now you should too”. Similarly, list posts are always the favorites to bag the top shares on social media. As per a study done by Hubspot, list post proved to have the most social traction, averaging around 21,000 shares per month. It could just be that the headlines seems enticing enough to make people to actually share the. Nonetheless, you make sure you do join the bandwagon and start including tips and list post in your social media schedule.

Shareable Quotes: Hop over to any social media platforms and you’ll see snippets of quotes from all the well known personnel, well designed and presented by different brands. How does it help? You have to remember that people use social media to become social; it’s a place where you connect with your distant cousin or a college friend. Now if you post only about your product or service, it doesn’t necessarily connect with people in my circle. Well here is a stat that might just pop out your eyeballs. the post, “100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Give You Strength During Hard Times” by Life hack were shared 3M times on Pinterest and received 1.9M engagement over other social media platforms.

Quotes with a little bit of visual touch are quick to process and can be easily shared in any social media platforms. This makes it a must try social media content type that has to be tried right away if not done yet.

Videos: Video content is dominating the social media content platforms right now. if you haven’t joined the bandwagon of 96% of marketers who are planning to use video in the content marketing, then that’s a concern. With video content users can actually visualize what you have to offer. These are mostly accompanied by emotions and the simple happiness of sharing. Well marketers are already well aware of the huge potential. Buckle up and start adding video content to you types of social media content you post.

Geared up to try them out?

Before you start sharing these content types in your social media platform. Learn what your audience actually wants. Diversifying content form always helps, but you need to always keep you audience in mind and know if they might want something different entirely.

The best way is to know your audience, get some data, some quick A/b testing with the above types of social media content, and create a great social media strategy.

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