Ways to use memes for Digital Marketing?

Ways to use memes for Digital Marketing?

Social media is flooded with relative humour based content that gets edited and shared like fire.

What are those content types called?

The answer is “Memes”

Before diving deep into the context of memes, let us know what they are exactly. If you have been on social media long enough, the thought of memes shouldn’t come as a surprise. But if you are still not aware here is a reference:

All the tips and tricks aside, making meme content for digital marketing may be an unfamiliar path but popular brands have adopted the idea ever since memes were introduced. You have probably shared or even posted memes in various other social media platform to get some laughs out of it. The concept is rather the same but having memes that align well with your brand is highly advisable because if you put things out of context, your brands reputation could be on the line.

55% of 13-35-year-olds send memes every week—and 30% send them every day.

via Ypulse

Amidst all the seriousness in any regular social media brands, incorporating some fun content by adding memes to your marketing can lighten up your audience’s mood. You could also make them so your audience can relate more with your brand.

Now considering all the aspects of meme making, you must be caught up with everything that social media has to offer. However, memes are rather simple and versatile. They are usually picture template or video with clever or funny texts of any viral aspect from a show or a movie.

These memes usually can have different format depending on the message, so posting rather vague memes just because you’re hopping on the marketing trend won’t be wise. So here are the ways to use memes for your digital marketing:

  1. Knowing your brand

As mentioned earlier, you can’t just randomly post a meme just because you find it hysterical. You should be cautious of what you post because if something is un-relatable, your audience might think you are trying hard to dazzle them. Despite the funny, memes can be insightful as well so educating yourself would be the right approach.

Be original, edgy content will leverage you as long as it aligns to your brand’s voice. Once you get the hang of it, try to target your audience well so you could make relatable jokes. It’s a hit or a miss situation so make it count! So as long as your content has engagement, keep in track of your audiences and entertain them because they are likely to share and can bring even a wider audience.

  1. Be familiar with memes

Memes are everywhere, so you should know what you are actually talking about. You would not want to be embarrassed by using memes incorrectly; your brand will be in jeopardy if you do so. The likeliness of people not knowing what memes are low knowing that we live in a digital era but regardless, doing proper research should be your main priority.

  1. Use memes that are trending

Just recently if you are around social media, there was a popular trend where bunch of guys went to watch the new minion movie with suits on. This quickly became viral and people all over the world started following the trend. The movie alone was not highly rated but the amount of people who were following this trend made the box office skyrocket.

It is usually like hitting the right spot at the right time, knowing the pop culture can benefit you in certain ways and you can jump on the bandwagon. But relating the meme with your brand is necessary because you’re marketing your brand at the end of the day, not the idea of memes.

  1. Have fun!

As cheesy as it sounds, don’t get too serious. The whole idea of meme is to take the seriousness out of situations so relax and enjoy the process. If you are enjoying creating this type of content for your audience, then it is likely that you will get better with time. At the end of the day, memes are a great way to market your brand because it is funny, memorable and highly contagious.

To conclude, these types of strategies can be a leap for some brands but the idea is extremely clever. The engagement could reach to a wider group of audience and it is a good way to commercialize your brand.

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