Why do brands require influencer?

Why do brands require influencer?

Influencer marketing is at its boom, every brand is looking forward to getting associated with an influencer who has a certain kind of fan following associated with them.

According to statistics approx. 50% of the audience prefers to buy or look at a product being advertised by an influencer than a traditional mode of advertising. And around 34% of users come to know about a product or service through an influencer’s post or stories. That kind of preference or usage a brand gets because of influencer marketing, which is truly commendable

Reasons For Choosing An Influencer


Why do brands collaborate? Are these strategies profitable? Does influencer marketing bring effective results or it the most hyped marketing strategy?


Each day marketers are increasing their budgets to create brand awareness, to surge the impact of their running campaigns, to make sure that the mission of the company reaches the target audience. Many marketing strategies are employed by the companies to make the above points successful.

One such strategy which is moving forward with a success rate is influencer marketing.

Every moment social media is witnessing new rising content creators, of various industries like entertainment, health, beauty, fashion, and hospitality. People have a certain kind of knack toward their favorite celebrities, bloggers and they are intimated by their decisions

A Face

When a brand collaborates with an online content creator, the brands get a strong face that audiences already know, which gives it a personal touch and connects to the brand.

Honest Review

Today’s audience is well informed and nobody can make a fool out of them through their products and services. Influencer marketing allows an honest and critical review of the product which assists people to choose and reflect on their buying decision.


A brand is backed by a powerful voice which ensures the credibility of the product and services because audiences believe that their favorite influencer will always support what is right.


An influencer be it of any category have followers who are intimated by their certain characteristics, lifestyles, tastes, likes, dislikes, preferences., which already gains them loyalty. And companies take the advantage of their already gained loyalty in their products and services.

Two-way Conversation

Influencer marketing allows two-way conversation between audience and brand. In traditional marketing techniques, there is no room for conversation, but social media influencer marketing allows audiences to express what they truly feel about the brand, and they also give valuable feedback.

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Conversion Rate

According to stats, conversion rate through influencer rate is high , as influential marketing allows more visibility to the brand, more awareness is created among the people and a short simple post or story by your favorite content creator allows the audience to know much about the product.

Ever-changing Environment

The market of the business keeps on changing it is certainly unpredictable, a brand comes to know the trend change influencer. Social media marketing allows the option likes, dislike, comments, feedback review, contents which gives the handy reaction of audiences which helps to make changes in their existing brand power.

Wrapping Up

A long-lasting relationship is created between the brand and the influencer. Influencer marketing would be much bigger in 2021, than in the past year. Social media platforms enabling marketers to shift their focus from traditional advertising to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and snap chat. because of the high return in purchasing behavior.

Depending on the nature of the industry, influencers are chosen.
A regular person becomes an influencer when he/she has have 10-15k followers, they are experts in niche fields.
By the above points, the question of brands collaborates and is an influencer, marketing really effective gets cleared.

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