Your Guide on Creating a Great Instagram Profile

Your Guide on Creating a Great Instagram Profile

With Instagram boasting a total of 1 billion users, there’s no rocket science on why businesses should not use it. But how do you make sure that your Instagram account stands out? What are the strategies for creating a great Instagram profile in 2019?

In this post we’ll have a look at 5 key steps that’ll help you create a great Instagram profile. Wait, let me break the fun, there is no hidden secret to it. It’s all about getting your content right and targeting the right audience.

Creating a Great Instagram Profile

Make sure that your brand (be it a personal brand or business) comes across well, the first thing you’ll need to ensure is to start with a relatable name.

Use keywords in your username to increase visibility

So, the key here is to be visible to people searching relevant keywords and how you incorporate that in your username.

  1. Have a clear bio

Focus on your Instagram bio as it is the first thing a person sees when visiting your profile. Make it simple and be clear on who you are and what people can expect from your account.

Luxy hair instagram bio example guide to Creating a Great Instagram Profile

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Our content determines on who we attract as followers, quality rules it all.

  1. Posting high quality content

With high quality, we didn’t mean just the value, but also a key to a high-quality Instagram account is high quality imagery. Make sure that your images or post are not pixelated and goes well with your brand.

Posting high quality content to create a great instagram profile

The other aspect of quality content is the aesthetics. You’ll need to make sure that your posts are following a theme and users can easily understand what your profile is based on using the first 9 post.

Tip: Try a mix of content types from videos, images carousels or even boomerangs.

  1. Hashtags: There a lot of hype going on around whether to use hashtags or not! The point here is do you need them? Hashtags helps your post reach a wider audience in a specific niche. The bottom line you sure want to use a couple of hashtags to bring in more eyeballs to your content.

That being said, you shouldn’t just use any hashtags. The key to hashtags visibility is relevance. You’ll need to do some research to find the right hashtags. Make sure they are niche based. Alternately, you should also follow hashtags based on the lifestyles and preferences of your ideal audience.

Post with atleast one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement

  1. Measuring your engagement metrics. So, you have your content and profile all set up and you’re using the right hashtags, now what?

A lot of times people are confused as to why aren’t there any engagement on your post. The simple answer to this question is; are you making sure that you spend some amount of time engaging with other’s content. It’s a give and take, if you aren’t engaging with content form others how do you expect people to engage on yours.

Tip: make sure you are replying to every comment on your post, atleast to start with.

  1. Captions: With over 2,200 character limits, your Instagram captions should be no less than a short blog space for you.

Use it to the most and share value. You could always write about your story, storytelling still rules.

Avoid using a simple quote or repeat the text that’s already in the image. People can see the image well, you need to use the caption to share your perspective and always try to add the best value.


With all the above completed you’re on your way to building a captivating Instagram profile. So, start today with a captivating bio, posting quality content and using the best of your captions.

Additionally, to add an extra boost to your post, you could always tag related people/accounts in each post. If you own a local business, make sure you do add the location in every post.

Have you tried any of these before?

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