How to Optimize Your Content for Facebook News Feed

How to Optimize Your Content for Facebook News Feed

Facebook has become the mammoth of social media marketing and every person and business is in the continuous push for selling their content to over 70 million Facebook subscribers. So the question comes back to you, are you getting lesser hits on your Facebook post?

So wondering on how to perfectly optimise your post and make sure your message goes out to thee right person. Here are few things to keep track of to help boost engagement with every Facebook post that you upload.

How Facebook ranks your content?

So how does this actually work? Facebook’s algorithm basically works on pointers based on your previous selection and activities. Further simplifying it, while choosing a news feed for you, Facebook considers factors such as feeds from people on your friends list and what are the pages you’ve liked and how you’ve interacted with these content pieces.

There is also a unique way Facebook looks at post from spamy and click bait pages and prefers to create a custom news feed for you where post from your close friends are prioritised. So you need not worry about missing what your close friend Jack posted in his wall the other day, you’ll just have it ready for you in your news feed.

Adding to the ones above, you will also need to understand that Facebook do look at some specific pointers before pushing your post up in the news feed. Some of them include:

Average time spent on the content

Frequency of post from a particular publisher or person

Overall engagement of a post

A recent comment from your friend

Whether the post is to like comment or share

Will you find it informative?

The final outcome is a score in the relevance to your preferences and gives you a personalised news feed when you log in.

Optimizing your content for Facebook news feed

Now with the world of social media getting noisier than ever, how would you ensure that your hard work behind creating a content piece gets recognition? Would it be too much if you at least want to get your content featured in most of the news feed?

As a marketer you do want to make sure that you get the most exposure from every single post and for that to happen, here are few tips that you could apply to get your content rank higher in the Facebook.

Create content that’s likely to bring out positive feedback from your audience. Feedback such as likes, comments and now reactions are some of the key factors for your post to be able to rank up higher and pop in most of your followers feed.

You should building a follower or fan base comprising of audience group that are relevant to your overall marketing goal and you should be creating content that resonates with them time after time. (P.S. use the Facebook’s Audience insight to have a quick peek at who are your current audience)

Posting content which your audience can relate to and not to forget, social media is all about being social. So having a post that’s social and sharable makes it more like to have a wider reach.

Having a consistent posting schedule does help bring in more exposure to your page and in turn your chances of showing in people’s news feed increases.

Keep and maintain a schedule and make sure each post that goes up on your page is targeted to your audience and giving them the best social experience. That’s what social media is all about in the first place.

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