Content Curation: Why is everyone doing it?

Content Curation: Why is everyone doing it?

In a world, where content is considered the king, you need to create useful content that will attract your readers and build a positive image of your company. However, a new wave in the content sphere is ‘Content curation’ and it seems that every marketer is using it as a part of their social media strategy. In this blog, we will help you understand the term, why should you use it and some tools that will help you.

So what is Content Curation?

A new buzzword in the content world, content curation is one of the new ways of marketing used by many companies in order to build an online presence.

In simple words, content curation is the process of discovering, gathering and presenting a digital content that surrounds a specific subject matter.

Most of the people confuse content curation with content marketing; but these are two different terms with completely different meanings. In content marketing, you need to generate content, but in case of content curation, you will be responsible for the collection of content from a number of sources and deliver it in an organized fashion for the readers.

What does a content curator do?

Before jumping into the role of a content curator, you need to know what content curators actually are. So, content curators are basically people or organizations that are responsible for shifting the content about a particular topic, selecting the valuable items for people who share a common interest for the topic and then eliminating the less valuable items

Content curation- skills of a content curator

Why content curation should be a part of your social media?

The more content you curate, the more discussions and new points of discussions pops up and this ultimately results in better branding.

As a content curator you always have to think about two major questions i.e.

  1. How to stand out of the crowd?
  2. How to come up with a unique content everyday without burning out?

According to a survey conducted by Curata, 85% of the people use curated content to establish thought leadership. Curating content helps you to deliver high quality content to your audience from various topics that might not be in your area of expertise.

Here are some of the reasons why you should think of considering content curation a part of your social media:

  • Keeps you updated on the latest trends

Content curation makes it easier for you to keep the emerging trends at the tip of your fingers. Also, the best part is that it allows you to become a thought leader in your niche area which gives you the opportunity

  • Increase your audience reach

The process of content curation will not only help you serve your existing audience, but it will also open up ways to reach a new set of target audiences. In order to reach a large number of audiences, you need to share curated posts on social media along with your tags.

This will surely help you to expand your reach and establish new connections

  • Helps to filter out the content

Today, the readers have a sea of content available for them and this definitely creates confusion as to which content is best suited for them. Here comes your role as a content curator, where you can help to direct their attention to authentic content.

This is also, the reason why you need to add content curation a part of your marketing strategies. This is killing two birds with one stone because content curation will help your readers find a relevant content and your organization

Content Curation Tools For Every Marketer

There was a time when getting a relevant content was quite difficult, however the problem today is we have a plenty of content. So, it is important to recycle and refine the content that will save your time, money and labor.

You can find free and paid content curation tools that can help to increase your brand visibility.  Let’s have a look at both the paid and free tools available for you.

Free Content Curation Tools

Flipboard is a content curation tool that serves a platform for finding stories, news sources along with social content ranging from political issues to travel inspiration

Another tool which allows you to read the content and save all of the interesting articles and also manage the things you find on the internet

A content curation tool that helps you to create and share lists and also let others add to your lists

Medium is a great tool for creating publications around a theme and have other authors to contribute articles to your publications.

Although, it is free you can pay $5 per month in order to create an offline reading list

Paid content curation tools

If you rely mostly on Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind can be a good option and you will save your time with a lot of options like bulk image upload, drag and drop calendar, multi-board pinning to name a few.

For small businesses, you can pay $9.99 per month; however for large businesses, you have to pay $799 per month

BundlePost aids you curate content and schedule it so that your social media profiles can be updated frequently.

You can get a 30-day free trial at $1.99 per month

With Buzzsumo, you can quickly discover the best content on any topic by particular authors.

It also sends you updates when a new content gets published. You can start the Buzzsumo plan at $79 per month

To sum up, Content curation is one of the smart ways to focus on specific topics and not randomly sharing any kind of content you find on the internet. There are many platforms that revolve around community marketing purposes. So, level up your content marketing strategy by using content curation.

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