The Growth Of Influencer Marketing And What To Expect Next

The Growth Of Influencer Marketing And What To Expect Next

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Author Simon Sinek was right on his way to express how marketing works. The stepping stone towards a great business is its marketing techniques and how convincing you are to your customers. A customer only buys a product when you succeed in making them feel the need to buy your product. It is up to the customers if they want to buy your product; all you can do is make your branding so royal that people would think about your advertisement for moments. Therefore, marketing has a lot of branches and influencer marketing is one of them which have shown great growth over the years.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the latest form of social media marketing where social media influencers or any renowned organization market your product through social media and influence their audience base to buy your product. The social media influencers we see on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram every day are the hosts of social media marketing. Your company pays them to market your product through their social media platforms to reach more people.

How Effable Is Influencer Marketing For Your Business?

The business needs to expand regularly. From the initial steps to a worldwide business, everything depends on a strategy, and marketing is one of the most essential parts of it. There’s no value in establishing a billion-dollar business if your business isn’t visible to the world. Not every entrepreneur is a billionaire and can spend thousands of dollars on marketing. So, starting from the baby steps, influencer marketing is affordable and useful to get a good reach to your business. You just need to hire some well-known faces of social media and pay them some amount or give them some free samples of your product, and you are all set from your side. Now, it’s their responsibility to market your product in such a persuasive way so that people start thinking about it. Your business needs more people to grow and with influencer marketing, you can reach more people with branch connections.

The Growth Of Influencer Marketing In Recent Years

From the advent of 2018, influencer marketing has started spreading its roots in every small or big name of the business industry. According to a report on business insider, influencer marketing will grow 22 billion dollars of the marketing industry by 2022. So, it’s profitable to invest in influencer marketing, especially on the big names to grab more customers all at a time. If we go inspecting in micro factors, that very $1 you spend, you earn $6.25 in return. The more you invest the more return it will generate. But there are also some magical strategies that can make you sure profits within such a short time. Here are some for your interest.

Top Influencers:

This category is only for big businesses who can target influencers like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Stella Maxwell, Anwar Hadid, and a lot of big names with million followers. Their one post can bring you a lot of interested customers who will buy and spread your brand name like fire. But on the other side, you need to invest a big amount of money talking to their managers who actually manage their promotion section. With this big amount, you can increase the number of your customers.

Micro Influencers:

Micro influencers are affordable and have 100k to 1 million followers to influence. If you hire them to promote your product, they can easily generate a big number of customers for your company. Most of the micro-influencers are achievers in their own field, and they are good to keep their profiles active every day. So, making money through micro influencers is the best way to generate revenue if your marketing costs are limited.

Nano Influencers:

Nano influencers are the ground-level influencers who are just at the number of 1k to 90k followers. These influencers are the cheapest to hire with a decent number of customers in return. Like you can just give your product to them for free and they will promote it through their posts and stories. Most of the Nano influencers don’t charge money, so this can be the cheapest way to reach more people through their social groups.


Engagement is the key factor when you are expanding your business to social platforms. But there are also success and dry runs on an influencer, so it should be you who has to keep a close eye on their engagements. If it’s a post, check the likes, comments, shares, views on the videos. If you hired them for a blog post, check the engagements, views, and comments. If your influencer is offering you a dry run, it’s better to move on for a better and more engaging influencer.

What To Expect Next?

Influencer marketing is going to create a big wave of dollars for the business industry. The industry has already generated 10 billion in the past years and the investments are growing at an exponential rate. The yearly business survey is predicting that 68% of the influencer marketers are willing to grow their platform to be available for influencer marketing. It’s a way of easy money for the influencers and a gateway to welcome more customers for the marketers. The more the brands grow, the business it will generate. So, according to the growth and engagements, influencer marketing is staying to the businessmen for long.

Marketing a product isn’t effective until it’s getting visible to the world. As social media is grabbing the world day by day, so there can be no better way to reach more customers than that. Influencer marketing is one of the branches of social media marketing which is growing fast and in a steady way. So, making money from this platform is easy for both the investor and the influencer. Looking at the growth of this industry, this is going to be the next golden method in the long run.

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