Get To Know The Basics Of Pay Per Click Marketing

Get To Know The Basics Of Pay Per Click Marketing

What is Pay Per Click Marketing? & How can you make it work for you?

In this blog we’ll cover all the elements of PPC and how you can incorporate it in your marketing strategy.

What is Pay per click marketing?

Pay per click marketing is a type of advertisement and the most common advertisement that allows you to pay a fee to have your website on the search engine results page when someone types a specific keywords or phrases to the search engine ( SERP). It is one of the most used social channels and if you are planning to enter the paid advertising space. Some of the elements for PPC campaign are:

  • Search engine marketing: It is an umbrella term that includes both paid advertising and search engine optimization this type of advertising is to rank for a ‘target keyword’ and it can be done through several way,. and it can be paid or unpaid and you can do in several engine, like Google, yahoo, or Bing. And the most important not is that ‘PPC’ occurs on search engines or social media too.
  • CPC: ‘Cost-per-click’ ( CPC) in simple terms ‘when the advertiser click on the ad so that moment he have to pay for the ad that is called ‘Cost-per-click’. CPC, acts as your bid in an auction that determines that your ad will be placed.

pay per click marketing

  • Keywords: The ‘keywords’ you choose are used to show your ads to the people. Each ad within your ad group will target a set of relevant keywords or terms. Through these keywords with the term it shows which ads to be displayed and once you determine the which keywords perform best and which keywords or phrases you can set as ‘CPC’, Cost per click.
  • Campaign: In simple term campaign means setting up something. PPC ads are determine as your ad campaign the campaign you will set up, will be the key message or we can say it can be a theme, according to that we can get across with the advertisement.

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  • Ad Group: These are series of ads that we need to create, because in ‘one size it doesn’t fit all’ this ads are created within our campaign based on set of related keywords.
  • Ad text: The keywords that you have added should inform your ad text. Your quality score, determines how relevant or useful your ad is and it should, match the keywords terms that you are targeting.
  • Landing Page: This is the page where users will end up once they click your PPC, ad this is a critical piece of your advertising because once people will reach the page that time we will know whether it is a dedicated webpage, or a homepage or somewhere else and landing page is the best practices to maximize conversions.

With PPC ads, you can skip your past cold, audiences and can target for new and warm audiences who are ready to buy your products and services. Simply creating a PPC, ads is not an easy task, you need to know advertising formats, Ad networks, terms and other acronyms. PPC, marketing is mostly beneficial to advertisers so that they can develop a solid PPC strategy the best practices for structuring campaigns and ad groups, budgeting, bidding, ad targeting and many more.

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